How Much Do GM OEM Replacement Grilles Cost?

When replacing a truck grille, there's one big factor to consider: cost. If you’re wondering how much it costs to replace your GM truck grille, it depends on your model year, trim level, and what you want.

For GMC trucks, in particular, OEM grille replacement costs can range between "affordable" and "shockingly expensive." Chevrolet grilles aren't quite as pricey as the top-tier Denali GMC grilles, but they can definitely reach up to over $1,000.

GM grilles costs

NOTE: For all our OEM grille pricing data, we're using the website GM Parts Center. This is because online retailers tend to have much better pricing than a local dealership, and we're trying to give the fairest estimate of OEM GM grille pricing we can.

Chevy Silverado 1500 OEM Grille Replacement Costs

In general, the OEM replacement grilles for the older Silverado models are cheaper than those for the newer Silverado models. For example, an OEM replacement grille for a base 2002 Silverado 1500 model costs $200-$300 while an OEM replacement grille for a base 2017 Silverado 1500 model costs nearly $600.

GMC Sierra 2500 HD OEM Grille Replacement Costs

If you’re looking to replace the grille on a 2017 Sierra 2500 Denali HD, an OEM replacement grille would set you back $600-$800, depending on the type of grille you choose and whether you opt for any add-ons (such as an emblem).

A Good Alternative: Aftermarket Grilles

gm aftermarket grille

We don’t blame you if you feel that $600-$800 is too much money for an OEM replacement grille. As nice as they look, OEM GM grilles don’t offer much in terms of protection against debris, wildlife, and other road hazards. Your original grille needs to be replaced because it got banged up, right? Who’s to say that won’t happen again? That’s why it’s a good idea to consider getting a durable, well-built aftermarket grille.

It's important to note that an aftermarket grille isn't an entire grille assembly to be installed on your GM truck. Rather, aftermarket grilles are built off the OEM grille, meaning you need parts from your OEM grille assembly. Several generations of Chevy grilles are an exception to this, meaning an aftermarket grille would offer a complete replacement. Check the Royalty Core website to see if your truck grille is a complete replacement or an insert.

If you decide to get an aftermarket grille, don't throw out your old stock grille just yet!

If you're worried about cost, you might be happy to hear that replacing your Chevy or GMC grille with factory parts costs almost the same as having a custom heavy-duty grille made to your specifications. This is true even when buying a discounted OEM grille assembly online.

Why Royalty Core Is A Brand Worth Considering

Royalty Core is a leading brand for custom Chevy and GMC grilles. All Royalty Core grilles are built with high quality, corrosion-resistant T304 stainless steel that’s cut with CNC precision, TIG welded, and hand fabricated. There are so many different styles and custom options to choose from that no two Royalty Core grilles are quite the same. Read more about what makes Royalty Core grilles special here.

The cost of a Royalty Core grille doesn’t depend on the factors that determine the cost of an OEM grille. Pick your favorite Royalty Core grille here, and we’ll build it to fit your Silverado or Sierra model for a reasonable price. It’s that simple.

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