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Royalty Core - Grilles

All Royalty Core premium grilles are offered with a variety of options, which is part of what makes our grilles so popular. However, all our options can also make choosing the right grille a tough decision. There are five key customization options - the grille surround, the grille mesh, the studs mounted on the grille surround, LED lighting options, and then badging options. However, each grille has it's own options that will add or subtract from this list. Some things to keep in mind:

  • We can paint grille surrounds flat or glossy black, give them a mirror finish, or paint them to match your vehicle.
  • We offer grille mesh in different sizes and finishes, from our smallest 12.0 mesh size to the largest 5.0 size.
  • The studs in the grille surrounds can also be customized, as they're available in flat black, gun metal, or chrome. And, on some grille models, studs can be removed.
  • There are a variety of LED lighting options, and we also have some grilles with unique accents and center bars.
  • All grilles are available with custom emblems and badging, and many include a unique badge or sword assembly.

Whatever options you choose, it's important to understand that all our grilles are hand fabricated from T304 stainless steel, and feature OEM quality paint or polished finishes. The mesh we use is stronger than OEM, offering more protection and airflow than most factory grilles. Also, Royalty Core grilles feature twice as many attachment points as other after-market brands, which means they'll fit better than just about any other grille on the market.

Whether you're looking for a corrosion resistant grille that will add a touch of style to your truck, or a radical custom grille that compliments your build, Royalty Core has the best grilles money can buy.

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