Why Buy Royalty Core Grilles?

The #1 Choice Of Pro Builders

Royalty Core grilles have been included in 100's of SEMA builds, and they're often found on custom trucks featured in magazines and on TV. Custom builders choose our grilles for four reasons:

  1. Our excellent quality and fit
  2. Our grilles are completely customizable
  3. Our grilles increase airflow for better cooling
  4. Our grilles look incredible

If you're looking for a grille that will make your truck stand out, you've found it.


One Of A Kind Style

The Best Materials and The Best Design

CNC cut and hand fabricated grille surrounds for a perfect fit CNC cut and hand fabricated grille surrounds for a perfect fit A grille is only as good as the material it's made out of. All Royalty Core grilles are made from steel, which is strong and corrosion resistant. Our grille frames are CNC cut and then hand-fabricated to fit precisely. During fabrication, every grille is test fitted on the exact make and model of vehicle for a verified perfect fit.

Stainless steel grille mesh available in flat black, glossy black, or mirror polish Stainless steel grille mesh available in flat black, glossy black, or mirror polish Our grilles also feature T304 stainless steel mesh, with three different sizes to choose from. We only offer stainless steel mesh because we know the importance of a strong mesh. Less expensive mesh will rust or loosen and begin to rattle over time. We’ve had customers tell us stories of hitting large birds at highway speeds and not damaging their grille!

Stainless steel studs in multiple finishes; can also be removed completely on most grilles Stainless steel studs in multiple finishes, or choose your grille without studs Our grilles also feature stainless steel studs that accent the grille surround, with different available finishes (chrome, black chrome, gun metal, or satin black) for a unique look. All our grilles can also be made without studs for a clean look.

Most custom grille manufacturers don't use stainless steel because it's expensive and hard to work with. But stainless steel is also incredibly durable, and we don't think it makes sense to make a grille out of anything else.

We Go Beyond Custom

Replacing your vehicle's OEM grille is as much about differentiation as it is style. Do you want a grille that is the same as every other "custom" grille, or do you want something that's truly unique?

Because we offer so many different options and will design something custom with you, your Royalty Core grille will be one of a kind. Between finish customization options (we can color match your OEM paint, for example), our options for grille mesh size and stud type, and our extensive custom emblem options, you can rest assured that your Royalty Core grille will stand out.

Royalty Core Grille Options

Made In The USA With A Lifetime Warranty

Made in the USA For more than 10 years, Royalty Core has built truck grilles from start to finish in our Eugene, Oregon facility. All of our products come with a lifetime warranty.

When you buy a Royalty Core grille, you can be confident that you've made an upgrade to your truck.

Find The Right Grille For Your Truck

From the Royalty Core Classic Grille to the Twin Mesh Grille to the Innovative 3D LED Grille, Royalty Core makes grilles for all major truck brands with customization options available to suit all tastes. Browse the complete list of Royalty Core grilles to see why our products are THE choice for proud truck owners. Whether you're building a SEMA show truck, using your truck as a workhorse, or you're simply an everyday driver looking for a unique look, Royalty Core grilles are the highest quality grilles available anywhere.