How Royalty Core Builds World Class Grilles

If you're wondering what goes into a grille from Royalty Core - and why our truck grilles are often considered the best money can buy - here's what you need to know.

1. We Build Our Grilles To Last

Royalty Core chooses our materials carefully. We're pleased to offer the world’s only all stainless steel grilles for a long corrosion-free life like no other. Here's what we guarantee:

  • Premium-grade T304 stainless steel is used in all components.
  • Our stainless steel wire woven lock-crimp mesh is strong, difficult to cut or puncture, and rust-proof.
  • Our studs are one-of-a-kind, stainless steel, and are available in 4 finishes.

Stainless steel is a difficult and expensive material to work with, relatively speaking. It would be much easier and cheaper to work with plastics, and we could cut costs by using mild steel, aluminum, or galvanized hardware. But that's not the kind of company we want to be.

Not to mention, stainless steel is the best material available when it comes to protecting your vehicle's radiator, transmission cooler, intercooler, etc. from road debris.

2. We Follow A Detailed Build Process For EVERY Grille

Our build process has been perfected over the years, to the point where we can build a grille better than any company in the world.

  1. We start with CAD drawings and/or a Solid Works 3D model of whatever we're creating. This ensures precise manufacturing and exact fitment.
  2. We verify fitment of every 3D model and CAD drawing as part of our product development process, testing each grille design on brand new vehicles to ensure exact fitment.
  3. We use CNC machining for ultimate precision to cut out frames, custom emblems, and other elements that require tight tolerances.
  4. The main grille frame is hand-formed to match OEM factory rolls and bends.
  5. Each mounting bracket is machined and bent for an exact, long-lasting fit. We use more mounting brackets than any of our competitors because we want a precise and secure fit.
  6. A three axis machine cuts the steel mesh to fit the main grille frame design, with diamond shapes flowing from one end to the other in a straight and symmetrical pattern.
  7. After our mesh is cut, it's formed to match OEM rolls and bends, detail cut again, and edges are ground. All the woven edges of the mesh are then welded. We don't know any other company that performs such detailed, quality work.
  8. Spacers are machined to mount the mesh from the backside, so the mesh is a separate unit. This provides diverse mesh color options for our customers.
  9. Our Royalty Core logo or your custom emblem is machined, studded, backed, and secured through the mesh.
  10. Every element is pre-fit together, disassembled, bead blasted, final inspected, edges detailed, and coated in-house with bold flat black, satin black, or gloss jet-black paint. We also offer custom color matching.
  11. If a surface has a machined finish, it is polished. If a surface is painted, the color is perfect and the finish is OEM grade. If a surface is powder coated, we guarantee a smooth, quality finish.

As a result of our rigorous process, each grille is assembled, fitted, tested, and quality controlled 3 separate times during the build process before it's completed. This is a level of detail you won't find anywhere else.

3. We Fabricate Our Grilles In The USA

All Royalty Core grilles are machined, fabricated, and built in the USA - right here in our facility in Oregon. No overseas manufacturing, no "assembled in USA" BS. We're 100% American made.

4. We Keep You In The Loop

When your order a grille from us, you can expect to hear from us throughout the fabrication process.

  • You'll receive pictures of your exact grille for review before we ship
  • We provide detailed instructions and top quality mounting hardware to make installation as easy as possible
  • If you've ordered a custom emblem or logo, we'll keep you updated on that process too

At Royalty Core, we understand our customers are discerning and important, and we treat them that way.

5. We Always Handle Our Grilles With Care

Because we put so much work into every grille, we work hard to ensure our grilles are not damaged during shipment. Our grilles are packaged with ultimate care and full insurance, and over the years we've learned a lot about how to make sure your grille arrives exactly as it left our facility. We've successfully shipped our grilles all over the world because we can ensure they arrive perfect.

Shipping is fast, and we stand behind our quality. If your order is damaged, call us right away and we'll get it taken care of ASAP.