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Royalty Core - Headache Racks

All Royalty Core headache racks are designed to shield the rear window from shifting cargo, block sun rays from heating up the cab, allow for more airflow, and provide maximum visibility through the rear window. Outfit your truck with a headache rack, and your truck gets the protection it needs and the tough look you want. You can’t go wrong with the Royalty Core brand, as all of our headache racks are made of military-grade materials, paired with premium quality brackets and other parts, and covered by a lifetime warranty. At Royalty Core, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to our headache racks. Instead, we design them to each truck’s specifications, and we offer loads of different custom options for you to choose from, including mesh size, frame finish, rack height, and more. It can’t get any more custom than this.

If you pick the design you want below, you can verify if we carry a headache rack built specifically for your truck. If you don’t see a headache rack for your truck or if you want something even more custom, you can contact us and have us design and build a quality Royalty Core headache rack to your specifications. Get one to match your new truck grille and complete your custom build.

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Headache Racks - RC88
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Headache Racks - RC88T
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Headache Racks - RC88X
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