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Whether you're looking for a corrosion resistant solid metal grille that will add some style to your truck, or a radical custom grille that compliments your build, Royalty Core has the best...More Details »
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The grille on your truck is there to keep the engine compartment safe from damage while allowing fresh air to flow throughout. The grille on an offroad vehicle has an even bigger job as it's...More Details »
Headache Racks
Royalty Core headache racks are designed to shield the rear window from shifting cargo, block sun rays, allow increased airflow, and provide maximum rear window visibility. A headache...More Details »
Royalty Core offers the industry’s largest line of custom truck emblems, logos, and badges. We use the same corrosion-resistant T304 stainless steel used to craft our renowned...More Details »
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Limited Overstock
Looking for a ready-to-ship Royalty Core grille? We have a selection of limited overstock items at a special discount. These overstock items are not customizable, but they're ready to ship now...More Details »

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