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    Royalty Core offers the highest quality performance truck grilles in the world. All our grilles are hand fabricated from corrosion-resistant T304 stainless steel right here in the USA, and our quality is unmatched.

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  • Robert A. Robert A. Custom Hellcat emblem mounted to factory grille.
  • Rusty B. Rusty B. Here is your grille on my Ram 2500 4x4. You all did a fantastic job!
  • Tommy G. Tommy G. The custom emblem and grille you made me. Thanks again!
  • Jeff T.

    I had a mess grille with a FORD logo on my 08 F250. Took the logo off old truck and ordered new Royalty Core Grille for my 19. Best choice I made was ordering your grille!

    I see in the reviews people saying you're pricey! I completely disagree!!! I paid just a little more for your grille than what I paid for my last one which was flimsy and paint faded off within a year. Your quality and fitment is far superior to what I had before. Going forward I will only purchase grilles from Royalty Core.

    I noticed your logo that came on the grille was also much better quality than the one I have. I would be interested in either remaking my FORD logo or creating a new emblem. The grille deserves a emblem with the same quality!

  • Cassidy L. Cassidy L. Thanks for the great grille! Easy install and the light is phenomenal!
  • Tyson D. Wow I am impressed just got finish putting it on. It looks freaking awesome. Thanks some was a perfect fit.
  • S Weaver S Weaver I love the grille and get a s**t ton of compliments. It’s definitely a head turner when driving as well. It’s pretty awesome. Thanks again!
  • Evelio V. Evelio V.

    I'm blown away by the comments and head turnings I get when I get out on the road.

    This grille has taken my truck to a whole other level and I am very happy and proud to have chosen Royalty Core to be the one who made my grille.

    Thank you guys!

  • Bobby

    I received my grille yesterday, and I must say it is bad ass! Thank you, your team, and the airbrush team for capturing and producing my logo, then to integrate it on a grille that is equal in quality. I am super happy with it! Of course next step is to install, but I am sure, based on what I see, this should go smoothly. Once I install, I will send image. Until then thanks once again! Royalty Core will be highly recommended.

    Cheers and beers,


  • David Freda David Freda

    Front and lower grille that I purchased from Royalty Core for my 2015 F150.

    They look fantastic and wherever I go with them, truck people always compliment me on the two grilles.

    I couldn’t have done anything better than installing them.

    Thank you, Royalty Core!

  • Malcolm Hampton Malcolm Hampton

    As always the grille is perfect and looks awesome!

    I’ll send more pics soon.

    Thank You,
    Malcolm Hampton

  • Zac Haffner, Reno, Nevada Zac Haffner, Reno, Nevada

    Hi Brianne -

    Here are the pics from the truck. I have some more modification to add, but I'll do that later. Thanks for the great deal and a great product! Can you guys let me know when you post them?



    —Zac Haffner, Reno, Nevada
  • Wyatt Mattson British Columbia, Canada Wyatt Mattson British Columbia, Canada

    thank you so much for being such awesome people to deal with and building me an awesome grille just the other day i was considering selling my truck because of how old and beat up it looked but you guys put some new life into it and im very happy with the way it looks, here are some pictures you can use for the facebook page or your website if you'd like.

    —Wyatt Mattson British Columbia, Canada
  • Wally Dagg, Prince George, BC Canada

    OMG! ! Honestly the coolest thing I have ever bought from anywhere! I looove it soo much its exactly what i wanted I can't wait to install it an have the truck finished:) I'll send u lots of pics ASAP

    Thank you sooo much christine!! Talk to ya soon

    —Wally Dagg, Prince George, BC Canada
  • Vito Montalto Vito Montalto

    Hello Christine,

    I received my grille today and I'm super excited!
    The packaging was perfect and the grille is
    Flawless! Thank you for all your help during the
    Process of building it for me. I look forward to
    Putting it on and I will be sure to take pics
    And post it all over social media! Thanks again!

    —Vito Montalto
  • Vinny Himes, Alligator Performance Vinny Himes, Alligator Performance

    I got the grille last week! It turned out awesome!

    I did do the install with tons of pictures and got it installed on Friday. We had a big local Diesel event this weekend called Diesel Thunder. It is an annual event and I entered my truck in the show and shine at the dyno competition. I won first place for Dodge and had a ton of questions about the grille. Everyone loved it!

    —Vinny Himes, Alligator Performance
  • Vernon Mullis, Colorado Springs, CO Vernon Mullis, Colorado Springs, CO

    The grill is excellent and I couldnt be happier with your work. I received a complement on it within 30 minutes of installing it and driving it to the gas station. Ive had numerous compliments on it since Ive installed it. Hopefully, the pictures show up well. If not, let me know and I will take more now that most of the snow has left Colorado.

    Thanks again for your great product.

    —Vernon Mullis, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Tyler Jones, San Antonio, Texas Tyler Jones, San Antonio, Texas

    OMG that is the sexiest thing I've seen in a long time. I'm going to wash it tomorrow so I can take some really good pics.

    —Tyler Jones, San Antonio, Texas
  • Tyler Baccus, Cordva, TN Tyler Baccus, Cordva, TN

    Hands down the best custom grille company on the market!! I can't thank Josh and the Royalty Core crew enough for one of the sickest grilles I've ever laid my eyes on. I get so many compliments on this beautiful work of art!!

    —Tyler Baccus, Cordva, TN
  • Trevor Peterson, Danbury, TX

    Wow.... Awesome! They look GREAT, to say the least! I have been more than satisfied with the service y'all have have provided. So I will indeed send pictures back for y'all, and hope they might even be good enough for a home page photo on website?! hahaha only joking! only thing that will be missing in pics is new tires and wheels and those will come when these stock are ready for replacement. but will definitely send more pics then too! so be expecting pics some time next week. can't wait for the grilles to get here! and better believe that everyone I know will know about ROYALTY CORE! Have a great day and thanks again for the awesome professional service from the ROYALTY CORE TEAM!

    —Trevor Peterson, Danbury, TX
  • Torey Mayotte, Chattanooga, TN Torey Mayotte, Chattanooga, TN

    Hey guys, I had promised to send some photos of my grille once installed, unfortunately my truck was stolen about two weeks after I had my grille put on ( Royalty Core grilles so tight they will get your #$%^ taken! ) LOL! anyway it was gone for three months and I finally got it back so here you go!

    —Torey Mayotte, Chattanooga, TN
  • Todd Holmes, Ohio Todd Holmes, Ohio

    Thanks Josh. When I get it and the 6.4 next to each other for a shot I think your grills really make them pop! Hope you get some more business out here in Ohio from it. Todd

    —Todd Holmes, Ohio
  • Todd Holmes, Centerville, OH Todd Holmes, Centerville, OH

    Brianne: The grill came and it was installed today. It's fantastic! Just exactly the look I wanted! Thanks so much for the Royalty Core grill team building such a quality product. Several people here have noted that they want something similar now that they've seen mine.

    I've attached a photo for you. Thanks again, Todd Holmes

    —Todd Holmes, Centerville, OH
  • Tobi Williams, Foresthill, CA

    Hi Christine,

    I picked up my new Dodge 2500 last week, and I just want to say the product you guys generate is nothing short of AMAZING. Excellent craftsmanship and material quality. I honestly had no idea how sturdy the mesh was on the grill and headache rack. Having something THAT thick and solid increases the look and functionality so much more. The “X” Emblem you guys manufactured is an excellent touch!! There might be a couple more I order in the future. I am completely impressed!!

    I will have pictures for you in the next week or so (I hope). I ran into an emergency at work the day I brought my truck back from Idaho, and it’s just now, that I’m coming back to a normal schedule and playing some catch up. But those photos will get to you.

    Thanks again for all of your help and look forward to doing business with you again.


    —Tobi Williams, Foresthill, CA
  • Tim Dureault, Alberta Canada Tim Dureault, Alberta Canada

    Wow, that looks bad ass wicked!! Exactly what i wanted! GREAT WORK! I will send u some pics with it on my truck, can't wait :)

    Thanks so Much, will recommend you to my friends


    —Tim Dureault, Alberta Canada
  • Tim Dureault, Alberta Canada Tim Dureault, Alberta Canada

    I was lucky enough to stumble upon this site and have my custom grille exactly as I pictured it.. made,delivered and installed on my truck. I have to say that these guys in every aspect are second to none! From workmanship, professionalism, communication...Everything was top notch and we will definitely do business again!! Thanks Royalty Core you guys are awesome!!

    —Tim Dureault, Alberta Canada
  • Thomas Whynot, North Las Vegas, Nevada

    Thanks guys cant wait ! every thing you do looks far better than eany thin your competters make. will send photos whene instaled

    —Thomas Whynot, North Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Tessa Powell, Mesa, AZ Tessa Powell, Mesa, AZ

    Hello Christine Ginter,

    I would like to take a few minutes out of your day to thank you for my awesome grille. I absolutely love how it came out. Thanks agin for working with me and making it look good. I have attached a few images of the after product to this email.

    Thanks again!
    Tessa Powell

    —Tessa Powell, Mesa, AZ
  • Ted Putland, Churchbridge, SK Canada

    Amazing job well done!!! Very happy with my custom grille. I would recommend Royalty Core to anyone.

    —Ted Putland, Churchbridge, SK Canada
  • Surya Mandadapu, Brea, CA Surya Mandadapu, Brea, CA

    Royalty core is one of best company i had dealt it recently. their product is solid good quality. i am 100% happy with their product ,custome service and giving me the best price..
    thanks to josh and brainne..

    —Surya Mandadapu, Brea, CA
  • Steven Aronson, Grand Prairie, AB Canada Steven Aronson, Grand Prairie, AB Canada

    The new grill and tailgate badge are amazing; I am constantly getting compliments on my truck.

    —Steven Aronson, Grand Prairie, AB Canada
  • Stefan Schilling, Stralendorf Germany Stefan Schilling, Stralendorf Germany

    Hey guys , i got my grille today and it is really high quality product! The next days i will get it on the RAM and post a pic ;) THX Royalty Core!

    Stefan from germany...

    —Stefan Schilling, Stralendorf Germany
  • Skylar Johnson, Sandy, UT Skylar Johnson, Sandy, UT


    The grill and the truck look phenomenal it turned out just as I had hope for thanks agian for your help I hope the pictures are what your are after please let me know if there is a different angle you need.

    Sincerely SSG Johnson US Army 19th GSB SF (A)

    —Skylar Johnson, Sandy, UT
  • Sher Moua, Clovis, CA Sher Moua, Clovis, CA

    Solid as all hell, and it should hold up to any desert trail running I do later this summer. A+++ Product, phenomenal quality!!!

    —Sher Moua, Clovis, CA
  • Shawn Petty, Harlingen, TX Shawn Petty, Harlingen, TX

    Hi Josh, I wanted to let ya know my grille arrived & it's so bad ass & sicker than I ever imagined! I just took it by the custom truck shop that's gonna install for me & they were all blown away & gonna install Mon morn for me. The grille/logo was fabricated beyond all expectations. What's up no RC1 stickers??? If you could send me some stickers & more business cards my truck shop will put your cards on advertising board in their shop. Thanks again & much prosperity to RC1! The Goat

    —Shawn Petty, Harlingen, TX
  • Shawn Baran @ ACME Environmental Services, Canada Shawn Baran @ ACME Environmental Services, Canada

    I have to say that the Quality of all the parts I ordered are grade A+ fit finish and craftsmanship. I think these are the best looking grills and components on the market today. I cant believe how many lookers and thumbs up I get as it really added to look of my 2015 Ram 3500.
    Thank you for delivering a great product!

    —Shawn Baran @ ACME Environmental Services, Canada
  • Shane Hayward, Colorado Springs, CO Shane Hayward, Colorado Springs, CO

    Josh the grille you made me is amazing!!! It really finishes my truck off and makes it unique and custom. Thank you ; ). Royalty Core is #1 in the industry... RC1 for life!!!

    —Shane Hayward, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Sgt Mike Rude, Newfoundland, Canada Sgt Mike Rude, Newfoundland, Canada

    Sorry I took so long to reply but I've been fairly busy and never got around to it. I live in Newfoundland, Canada and no one around had any grills like these, when I got mine. Now, one of the places, Action Truck Accessories now has one on their truck. And I have seen a few around now. I love the grille and enjoy showing it off when ever I get the chance. I was down in Destin, Florida at a campsite and quite a few people going by had to ask about it. I may actually have to get a new grill made up with a polar bear. I included a picture of a polar bear, that i rode by, on my snowmobile. That is the toboggan pulled behind my snowmobile and I am actually on the sea ice. I was along the northern coast inspecting radar sites in northern Labrador. When I come up with an idea I will find out how much to get one made up. Have a good one and continue the excellent job!

    Sgt Mike Rude
    5th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group
    Newfoundland, Canada

    —Sgt Mike Rude, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Scott Grodin, Campbell, CA Scott Grodin, Campbell, CA

    Hi there. I am loving my new grille. Its one of the favorite things about my truck.

    —Scott Grodin, Campbell, CA
  • Sam Carlino Sam Carlino

    Love my new grille!! All wrapped to match my truck!!

    — Sam Carlino
  • Sabastian Barwick, Grifton, NC Sabastian Barwick, Grifton, NC

    Just wanted to let u know that I won 1st place best truck at this show yesterday here in my home town. The grille was getting a lot of attention yesterday had a lot of people ask about cause they never seen something like it before.

    —Sabastian Barwick, Grifton, NC
  • Ryan Reed, Grand Prairie, Alberta Canada

    Looks so awesome! You guys are a stand up company great service! Will be recommending you to all my buddies.

    —Ryan Reed, Grand Prairie, Alberta Canada
  • Ryan Muir, Fort McMurray, AB


    Just want to say, love the quality of the grill! Spot on with what I was looking for. I can't wait to get it on the truck. Definitely will be spreading the word about you guys.

    I'm extremely happy with my purchase.

    —Ryan Muir, Fort McMurray, AB
  • Ryan D'roza, Abu Dhabi, AE Ryan D'roza, Abu Dhabi, AE

    I just came back from France to get delivery of an aircraft and I just saw the package a couple days back in the office and boy, it does look awesome. Absolutely good craftsmanship and quality of work, which I was amazed at just looking at it and I thank your team once again.I will be installing it in a few days time and will send you pictures as soon as possible.


    —Ryan D'roza, Abu Dhabi, AE
  • Ryan Cito Ryan Cito

    You guys outdid yourselves on this one! Incredible work!

    — Ryan Cito
  • Robert Summerville, Edmonton, AB

    Received the grille today... Looks amazing ! considering getting one for my personal truck. Thanks again for the updates. Customer service is top notch.

    —Jake Robert Summerville, Edmonton, AB
  • Robert J Martinez, Cibolo, TX Robert J Martinez, Cibolo, TX


    I just received my Grill yesterday. Workmanship and quality is better than any other grill I have owned. Outstanding Job!!

    —Robert J Martinez, Cibolo, TX
  • Robert Bozaek Robert Bozaek

    Love my new Royalty Core Grille!

    — Robert Bozaek
  • Rick Freed Rick Freed

    No grille can compare to the quality and looks of a Royalty Core! Top notch install instructions. The rest are only copies!

  • Quentin Lunde, Amisk, AB Canada Quentin Lunde, Amisk, AB Canada

    Thanks guys! Looks awesome and was surprised how heavy duty it actually was made.... Will definitely hold up to my weather here!

    —Quentin Lunde, Amisk, AB Canada
  • Paul Krwawecz, Longwood, FL Paul Krwawecz, Longwood, FL

    I just wanted to let everyone know my 11 Chevy 2500HD was shot with Bob Carpenter with 8 Lug Magazine and David Kennedy with Diesel Power at the TS race this weekend in Bowling Green, KY.
    I just wanted to say thank you for your support with products to get the truck looking like it does today!
    I’ve attached a couple iPhone pics from the weekend.
    Thank you everyone!

    —Paul Krwawecz, Longwood, FL
  • Parrish Schoenherr Parrish Schoenherr

    Just thought I would share this pic with y'all since I was finally able to get the outside of my truck finished up. I absolutely love it and honestly I think it ties in the whole front end. Thanks again for such amazing product.

    — Parrish Schoenherr
  • Nikki Kurtz Crystal Falls, MI Nikki Kurtz Crystal Falls, MI

    Love the grille! Looks amazing! :)

    —Nikki Kurtz Crystal Falls, MI
  • Nigel Papa-West Coast Customs Nigel Papa-West Coast Customs

    Hey Josh,

    Here are some pics, thanks again! Right now though all we have are older cars no trucks but as soon as we get some more in I will highly recommend your product to our clients.


    —Nigel Papa-West Coast Customs
  • Nicole Zermeno, Overton, TX Nicole Zermeno, Overton, TX


    I apologize that it took me so long to get these to you. I was trying to find some good pics. I appreciate all you did and I can't thank you enough. It fits great, looks great and I always get a lot of compliments. My cousin should be ordering from you soon and we'll get some pics together if you'd like.

    Thanks again,

    —Nicole Zermeno, Overton, TX
  • Nick Wilhoit, Paris IL Nick Wilhoit, Paris IL

    2011 2500 gmc still looks good after hitting a total of three deer hitting the first deer at 85 mph that's why I got your grille, one year later I hit two does shortly after installing your awesome grille and from the picture I sent you can see it has to be a tough grille to survive that, I couldn't be happier ! Keep up the good work! PS... hopefully next year I'll have time to swerve so you don't have to repair the grille again :)

    —Nick Wilhoit, Paris IL
  • Nicholas Rasmussen, Saint Johns, MI Nicholas Rasmussen, Saint Johns, MI

    I hope all is well!!!!! I just wanted to send a couple pics with the new grille installed. I will be sending more next when I get the new bumper installed and the truck completely finished... but I wanted to get some to you ASAP. I am extremely happy with the finish and quality of your product and it sure does get heads turning. Again thank as always and I will be certain to send more next week or the following when I get it finished up!!

    —Nicholas Rasmussen, Saint Johns, MI
  • Nathan Shevory, Dudley, MA Nathan Shevory, Dudley, MA


    I attached my 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 with the Royalty core grille installed that I bought previously. Looks mint! I will certainly send another picture of my 2016 Toyota Tacoma with the grille installed once I receive it! You can just use my full name to tag me on Facebook.

    Thanks again!

    —Nathan Shevory, Dudley, MA
  • Morgan & Mary Martinez, Casper WY Morgan & Mary Martinez, Casper WY

    These are for you website/catalog consideration. It's not a show queen, this is our daily driver. We are not independently wealthy, and my dad is not buying me this stuff lol.

    —Morgan & Mary Martinez, Casper WY
  • Mike Hoskins, Alberta Canada Mike Hoskins, Alberta Canada


    First off the grilles look awesome on the truck! Thank you so much for the advice on how to put the lower grille on when I called, greatly appreciated!

    I have attached two pictures for you. If you need more, or specific ones I can certainly get them for you!


    —Mike Hoskins, Alberta Canada
  • Mike Forbes, Westminster, CO

    I just received my order for my R.C./ grill and the workmanship is outstanding!! Thank you guys!! You will get pics. of my 02 Silverado flying Your Colors!! Very Very impressed, somehow through just seeing what you have on your Web page with the pics. and info. wanted me to "Go for it", spend $ 1,100.00 and treak my Big Boy Truck with "Fine Workmanship", Great Job! I'm now a solid customer and my next purchase on my list with be soon. Your work speaks for itself.

    —Mike Forbes, Westminster, CO
  • Matt Stewart, Carp,ON

    It's GORGEOUS...

    I actually plan on sleeping with it for a week or so.

    Going to get my bumpers and stock grill painted body color before the RC goes on, then I will get you some kickass photos. Perhaps adorned with trophies.

    Once again, thank you so much....I now plan on being buried some day in my truck. The cremation is cancelled.

    —Matt Stewart, Carp,ON
  • Matt Spanton, South Beloit, IL Matt Spanton, South Beloit, IL

    im going to be honest. ive beuilt a new truck nearly every year since 2002. i have 3 monster trucks right now, 9 in our fleet. ive dumped upwards of 30k in every truck i build and i have NEVER EVER seen something so frickin slick. Kudos. You got a customer for life and one that a lot of people copy as far as this stuff goes. Id be happy to rock a logo sticker in my back window for you guys. you decide after you see my newest creation.

    —Matt Spanton, South Beloit, IL
  • Mathew Nickelston, King, NC Mathew Nickelston, King, NC

    I wanna thank u on the emblem it looks absolutely amazing it was definitely worth the wait thank u so much i'm on Facebook & instagram.

    —Mathew Nickelston, King, NC
  • Mary Fisher, Magnolia, TX Mary Fisher, Magnolia, TX

    I absolutely love the grille. Y'all were very good with working with me on the design and rapidly sent back the emails with the updated designs. I liked that you could make any design that I liked and the one I did choose, was made extremely well and is a head turner. My truck is now unique thanks to y'all and I appreciate all the hard work and patience when working with me. I give 5 thumbs up!

    —Mary Fisher, Magnolia, TX
  • Martin Vanbraeden, Peaceriver, AB Canada Martin Vanbraeden, Peaceriver, AB Canada

    Hi Josh, sorry it took so long to get you some decent pics, so here they are. Feel free to put them up on your site if you want. I love the grille, it finishes the look of the truck perfectly, not to mention it's just bada$$. Thanks again for your excelent work and superior service. It sure is nice to deal with people who care about their customers.

    —Martin Vanbraeden, Peaceriver, AB Canada
  • Mark West Got my custom grille you made for me it is so cool and the craftsmanship is very very good & the logo
    you made was just right ,I would buy from you on my next truck.
  • Mark Newman Meadowlake, SK Mark Newman Meadowlake, SK

    Hi there,

    I have installed my RC1X grill in my tundra and am really really pleased with how it turned out. The craftsmanship is amazing and i really like the care you guys took in shipping it with the little blanket to protect it from scratches.

    —Mark Newman Meadowlake, SK
  • Luke Hill, Billings, MT Luke Hill, Billings, MT

    Looks good!! Great job I am very happy with it.

    —Luke Hill, Billings, MT
  • Larry Johnson, Lethbridge, AB Canada Larry Johnson, Lethbridge, AB Canada


    Here are some pictures of my truck with the new grill, love it. It was pretty easy to install, other than getting the old clips off the original were a bit tough.

    My truck is a 2009 Silverado LTZ, 5.3 litre. I have added a Magnusson supercharger, long tube headers, high flow cats and Magnaflow exhaust. Sitting on 22” 305-40 rubber. LED taillights and 3rd brake light.

    —Larry Johnson, Lethbridge, AB Canada
  • Landon Willis, San Antonio, TX

    Grille is out from being powder coated and ready to be fitted for my truck. This is a sweet setup and an amazing grille. Royalty Core will always be my choice for a custom grille from now on.

    —Landon Willis, San Antonio, TX
  • Lance Dehne, Medford, WI Lance Dehne, Medford, WI

    I would like to take this time to say, Thank You for an awesome product. Sorry it took so long to respond, but this was a very time consuming project.

    Your product is very well constructed, and fit with very little effort. My wife and I could tell that you have put forth effort in you R&D to make sure these are a High Quality product.

    Once again, Thanks.

    —Lance Dehne, Medford, WI
  • Kurt McLucas, St Benedict, PA Kurt McLucas, St Benedict, PA —Kurt McLucas, St Benedict, PA
  • Kory B. Kory B. This rack is awesome guys! Great work. This is exactly what I was looking for.
  • Klint Taylor, Alberta Canada Klint Taylor, Alberta Canada

    Hey Josh, I got the logo in the mail about three days ago. I snapped a few pictures of my truck with it installed, Not sure if I have it perfectly centered or not but it looks good to my eye. I'm amazed at the quality and detail of your logo, I can't express enough my gratitude. This is the spitting image of what I was picturing in my head I can't believe how great it turned out.

    Here is my truck in case it matters (If you want a list of the mods on the truck just shoot me an email back, there are lots)

    2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab 4x4 LTZ Blacked out.

    —Klint Taylor, Alberta Canada
  • Ken Hazelden, Edmonton, AB Ken Hazelden, Edmonton, AB

    Thank you so much for making an awesome heavy duty product I love it and have gotten numerous amounts of people asking me where I found it.

    —Ken Hazelden, Edmonton, AB
  • KEG Media, Fort Smith, AR KEG Media, Fort Smith, AR

    We have been using Royalty Core Grilles since 2012 on some of our highest profile builds.

    The quality and craftsmanship is outstanding but the customer service is 2nd to none.

    —KEG Media, Fort Smith, AR
  • Josh Meredith, Chatsworth, NJ Josh Meredith, Chatsworth, NJ

    Where do I Start? I have absolutely nothing negative to say about Royalty Core or my new grille. The construction is fantastic and the directions for installation on my truck were pretty easy to follow. It is honestly one of my favorite purchases for my truck so far. It turns heads everywhere i go and people ask me all the time where I bought it. The Punisher and crossed .45s is nasty as hell. Not to mention when people see it rollin' up in their review they seem to get out of my way. I couldn't be happier. Thank you Royalty Core for making my truck that more badass!

    —Josh Meredith, Chatsworth, NJ
  • Jordan Lariviere, Amos Canada Jordan Lariviere, Amos Canada

    Our products are beautiful! The stainless steel is high quality and gives a beautiful look to my truck. The costumer service is very good and you answer to everything! RC1 thank you, you have realized my dream ... You are the best ...! RC1 for the life! ;)

    —Jordan Lariviere, Amos Canada
  • Jon Stevenson, Irricana, AB Canada Jon Stevenson, Irricana, AB Canada

    Hi there, finally got my grille installed. It's awesome! You guys did an amazing job, it looks better than I imagined it would. Thank you so much!

    —Jon Stevenson, Irricana, AB Canada
  • John Wrinkle John Wrinkle

    Your work is flawless. I couldn't be happier. Thanks!

    — John Wrinkle
  • John Spence, Tillamock, OR John Spence, Tillamock, OR

    Heh Josh,

    So we made it up to Tillamook, Oregon!! I have gotten so many compliments on the RCI is so killer....!! It just completes the truck......I wound up putting the chrome logo on the grille and putting the black one back on the receiver so it's evil robots coming and going (truck only...not me). Thanks to you and Brianne for all your help man and as a craftsman I can appreciate quality and attention to detail which your products scream.

    Look me up if you are ever in the area...we could go shooting up the Trask River!!!


    John David Spence

    —John Spence, Tillamock, OR
  • John Dare, Sherwood Arkansas John Dare, Sherwood Arkansas

    You guys are awesome!! Can't wait to show these off in the morning!

    —John Dare, Sherwood Arkansas
  • Joey Khan, Fresno CA Joey Khan, Fresno CA


    Grille looks amazing. I might powder coat the rivets the color of the undercarriage however. These bad boys are huge but this grille has to be one of the best built grille's I have used in the industry. My hats off to Josh and the crew at Royalty Core for such a amazing product. I will get some photos to you guys in the near future once truck is completed and ready for a Photoshoot.

    Thank you,

    —Joey Khan, Fresno CA
  • Joe Tate, Eagle River, AK Joe Tate, Eagle River, AK


    I did make it home safe and did a lot of custom work to the truck. I Love the grill and the custom Logo! Install was very easy and it screwed right in. The material is heavy duty with awesome powder coating. I am very glad I did the chrome studs.

    Thanks For everything

    —Joe Tate, Eagle River, AK
  • Jim Caughron, Maryville, TN Jim Caughron, Maryville, TN

    Just wanted to send a few pics of my awesome emblem and grille for my F350 you all made for me.

    Thank YOU so much!

    —Jim Caughron, Maryville, TN
  • Jessie Carr, Oakland, CA

    Hi guys, my truck looks sick! I live it and I will send those pictures as soon as I can along with the testimonial. You guys are awesome!!! Give me one week and will send profesional pictures of the truck in many angles and different background so you can choose the best. I was waiting to get one with the Golden Gate Bridge in the back but it's going tone raining this week. I'll make it work!

    —Jessie Carr, Oakland, CA
  • Jeremy Simpson, Sedgewick, AB Canada Jeremy Simpson, Sedgewick, AB Canada

    Hi, Royalty Core Staff,

    just wanted to thank you guys for doing such a great job on the grille again. Definitely makes the truck stand out and gives it that wow/awesome factor I was looking for.

    I have included some photos of the Dodge with the new Longhorn grille, and some with both the Dodge and Ford.


    —Jeremy Simpson, Sedgewick, AB Canada
  • Jeremy Simpson, Alberta, Canada Jeremy Simpson, Alberta, Canada

    Hi, guys

    So finally got the grille on the truck and it looks amazingly awesome completely changed the look of the truck cannot thank you guys enough fantastic job well done.
    Thank You

    Jeremy Simpson

    —Jeremy Simpson, Alberta, Canada
  • Jeremy Penland, Sherwood, AZ Jeremy Penland, Sherwood, AZ

    The grille is TOP NOTCH!" I almost needed help lifting it- built SOLID- nothing cheap about it! Thanks again.

    —Jeremy Penland, Sherwood, AZ
  • Jeremy Kovac, St. Joseph, MO Jeremy Kovac, St. Joseph, MO

    Grille looks amazing with the matching bumper grille installed. Great work.

    —Jeremy Kovac, St. Joseph, MO
  • Jeremie Sill, Battle Mountain, NV Jeremie Sill, Battle Mountain, NV

    If your looking for a badass grill that is made with quality and percision than you came to the right place. I purchased a grill from Royalty Core for my dodge ram 2007. And I couldn't be happier, there customer service is the best around and josh the owner is one of the coolest guys to talked to, he has great ideas for your projects and he is always willing to go the extra mile. I will definetly be purchasing more products from Royalty Core. Again if your looking for a custom grill that is built to last and will turn heads doing it than look no further than ROYALTY CORE!

    —Jeremie Sill, Battle Mountain, NV
  • Jennifer Laskowski Jennifer Laskowski My name is Jennifer Laskowsk,

    In October, a woman was texting & driving. She blew a stop sign & our 16 year old son hit her with our 2008 Duramax. Thankfully, no one was injured and this big old truck did her job protecting our son and his buddy.

    Our son felt awful and was concerned the truck would never be the same. We assured him everything could be repaired, but to lose his life would be something we could never repair.

    The truck had an aftermarket grille that was damaged. We let our son pick the next grille. Royalty Core - you made it happen. What an amazing piece of art. The grille is spectacular.

    Our son, Justice, enjoys taking pictures of this truck. She’s all repaired and looks sharp as ever!

    Thank you for making such an impressive product! Enjoy the pics!

    Jen Laskowski
    Stevens Point, WI
  • Jeffrey Shane Jeffrey Shane


    Thanks for all your help, I am a proud customer of your product and want to say thanks for building this custom grill for my 2002 2500hd duramax silverado.

    Let me know if you would like better pictures!!


    —Jeffrey Shane
  • Jeff Smith Jeff Smith

    Thank you so much for everything. Couldn't be happier. You guys really make a quality product.

    — Jeff Smith
  • Jeff Hazlett, Hamburg, NY Jeff Hazlett, Hamburg, NY

    I liked your Grille construction the best along with the immediate responses to my questions I had.

    —Jeff Hazlett, Hamburg, NY
  • Jeff Hazlett Jeff Hazlett

    I get many compliments on the truck and grille, a couple at AutoZone even asked if they could take photos of my truck the other day. Thank you - it looks great!

    — Jeff Hazlett
  • Jeff Chambers, Bakerfield, CA Jeff Chambers, Bakerfield, CA

    We discovered your company online while searching for a unique look. After talking with Josh he designed exactly what we were looking for. The install was no issue as the quality is perfect. Thanks Royalty Core

    —Jeff Chambers, Bakerfield, CA
  • Jef Patty, Houston, TX Jef Patty, Houston, TX

    I am extremely happy with the way this grill. It is well worth the wait. It is a awesome addition to my 2011 Toyota Tundra.

    —Jef Patty, Houston, TX
  • JD Wimmer, Clinton, Utah JD Wimmer, Clinton, Utah

    I just wanted to send a "Thank You" for the sickest grille I have ever seen. I just recieved my grille for my Jeep Wrangler JK and installed it myself the same day. Thanks for the great instructions and the option to call your business for any questions. Turns out I had a quick question and called RC and Josh (the Owner) answered the phone and was more than helpful to assist in the perfect install. Thanks so much for the amazing product. I would highly recommend Royalty Core for anyones aftermarket needs. The grille is truley amazing and the quality in second to none. Thanks Josh and Royalty Core.

    —JD Wimmer, Clinton, Utah
  • Jason Schroyer, Choctaw, OK Jason Schroyer, Choctaw, OK

    I can not begin to Thank You enough for a quality Made in the USA product. Durable Beautiful and Quality. Once again thanks!!!

    —Jason Schroyer, Choctaw, OK
  • Jason and Eileen Brace, Newark, CA Jason and Eileen Brace, Newark, CA

    Dear friends at Royalty Core,

    Here are the pictures of my rig...and me! haha! It's a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4x4 with the HEMI! I have put a Fabtech 6" lift with 35" ProComp AllTerrain XT tires on her. With Dominator 3 Nerf bars from GoRhino and custom "Halo Angel Eyes" headlights and matching tail and third brake lights. And of couse for that rebel without a cause side of me, a front diamond cut license plate!

    But the finishing touch was a AWESOME awe-inspiring front grille from you folks at Royalty Core! And I can't put into words the unbelievable attention to detail and craftmanship that was put into this piece! It was exactly what I ordered and wanted! This rig could not have looked better with any other grille! I've always said that a man's truck represents a side of him...and with your help, I would say that this truck is my mountain-splitting, mud-slinging, playful-menacing side!

    Oh, and I have to mention that my beautiful wife Eileen helped and had fun putting it on! So if you will, put up all the pics you want,even this proud owner!

    We THANK YOU again and appreciate your hard work and friendly customer service!

    ~Jason, Eileen and the meanest RAM 4x4 in NOR*CAL~

    —Jason and Eileen Brace, Newark, CA
  • Ivan Nunez, Anaheim, CA Ivan Nunez, Anaheim, CA

    Hi Brianne,

    I’m sending you the pictures of my truck with the RC2 Grille. The craftsmanship is amazing, it was worth the wait. Also I’m sending you a shot of the Bushwhacker fender flares with the Royalty Core studs that match the grille, they are superior in quality and appearance from the original that came with the fender flare kit. Thank you for all your help. I’m a customer for life.

    —Ivan Nunez, Anaheim, CA
  • Ian Smith Ian Smith

    I recently bought an RC1 grille for my 04 Chevy pickup. Thought you would like to see the product on! Looks great and I'm thoroughly pleased with the craftsmanship.

    —Ian Smith
  • Henrietta Snapp, Seneca, Oregon

    Josh & Brianne

    Hi, I just wanted to write and say Thank You for the awesome feather emblem! I can't wait to put it on the truck!

    Hope you all have a great New Year!

    Thanks again. Henrietta

    —Henrietta Snapp, Seneca, Oregon
  • Heinz Schroeder, Kalamazoo MI Heinz Schroeder, Kalamazoo MI

    Grill looks great. Easy install led lights up the nite . Thanks again for the great customer service.

    —Heinz Schroeder, Kalamazoo MI
  • Greg Adams, Xenia, OH Greg Adams, Xenia, OH


    —Greg Adams, Xenia, OH
  • Gordon Williams, Miami, OK

    I got the grille in today just wanted to say you guys out did yourselves what an awesome addition to my truck. I'll get you photos once the truck is done. It's getting body work done right now.

    —Gordon Williams, Miami, OK
  • George Tucker, Deridder, LA George Tucker, Deridder, LA

    Hope all is well with the RC family. I turn heads and receive comments all the time on my truck thanks to you guys.

    Very Satisfied Customer

    —George Tucker, Deridder, LA
  • Garron Owens, New Brighton, PA

    Thank you so much for your patients. the internets was down for a few days. and i didnt have the means to make the payment. i wanna thank you for your support and making this so easy on me.

    i have a few friends here in afghanistan with me that think you guys are awsome for doing this for me, and they like what they see on your website. you might get a few more customers out of this.

    again thank you so much.

    —Garron Owens, New Brighton, PA
  • Gabriela Hernandez, Corona, CA Gabriela Hernandez, Corona, CA

    Hey Josh,

    Thanks again for the beautiful grille =) It's a truly solidly built piece of equipment!

    Quick question.. I was wondering, how much for a 3 piece grille?

    Btw, you have A LOT of happy customers over on titantalk. Everyone is ranting and raving at the fantastic customer service. Congrats!

    —Gabriela Hernandez, Corona, CA
  • Fred Pettengill, The Woodlands, TX Fred Pettengill, The Woodlands, TX


    Sorry it has taken so long to get the pics of the finished truck to you, but it was a new company truck and I had a massive amount of work to do to it to install all the racks, parts bins, etc. before starting on the appearance “stuff” I also wanted to send them after I got the striping / graphics installed. This was an XLT “company” truck, so didn’t even have the factory fog lights, etc. on t that also had to be installed.

    The grille turned out absolutely beautiful, and even more so installed on the truck. The logo on the front of the truck matches everything else, and it is awesome. I very much appreciate the quality work. I couldn’t have asked for more…….

    Yes, it is a work, company truck….. But since it is my company, why not?? :O)

    Thanks again!!

    Fred Pettengill

    —Fred Pettengill, The Woodlands, TX
  • Frank Bergstrom, Renton, WA Frank Bergstrom, Renton, WA

    Just installed my new Royalty Core grille on my 2016 TRD Tundra... Couldn't be happier! I'm going to pull it off next week and paint all the components behind it black, I can send that photo if you'd rather have that?

    —Frank Bergstrom, Renton, WA
  • Francisco Flores, Houston, Texas Francisco Flores, Houston, Texas

    Just got it on....I like it, Thank you guys did a great job....looks mucho bonita.......

    —Francisco Flores, Houston, Texas
  • Faye Crumpton, Waxahachie, TX Faye Crumpton, Waxahachie, TX

    I'm waiting for Vic to get home next week so I can have pic's of him with his new grill. He is so excited. Will get you pic's soon.

    PS: I told Vic about taking his truck into town and filled it up with gas and there were guys coming around looking at it and commenting how nice it looked and they had only seen pic's of the grill and that was the first one they had actually seen installed.

    I made the comment to Vic how guys have chic magnets and now I have a hunk magnet.........I'm now not allowed to take his truck into town without him....ha

    —Faye Crumpton, Waxahachie, TX
  • Eric Boutilier, BC Canada Eric Boutilier, BC Canada

    The grille is absolutley astonishing and ive been commented on it like crazy!!! even have ppl following me asking where i got it lol...well your name is out there in northern BC,Canada! haha....great job...

    I'm r-core for life now!

    —Eric Boutilier, BC Canada
  • Edward Weibl Edward Weibl

    Just got my grill installed and love it. Thank you!

    — Edward Weibl
  • Ed Mohns, Baraboo, WI Ed Mohns, Baraboo, WI

    I just want you guys to know how happy I am with my new grille. Finished the install today, Better pictures to follow.

    Just can't say enough about the workmanship and service I received. You guys really did a great job. Thanks again,


    —Ed Mohns, Baraboo, WI
  • Dustin Slife, Lancaster, CA Dustin Slife, Lancaster, CA

    I had originally purchased a cheaper factory replacement grill that ended up not quite fitting right. LUCKILY my local dealer washed the front end of my truck with a degreaser and ruined that grill. After doing some research I stumbled upon the Royalty Core website and instantly knew this is what I wanted. The sales team was more than helpful and accommodating. I was leaving the country for work and these guys rush delivered the new grill before I left so my project would be done. The grill fit perfectly and as soon as you feel the metal you can tell that it is of the highest quality. I have at least friends that want these for their trucks now. Thanks Royalty Core!

    —Dustin Slife, Lancaster, CA
  • Donna Richardson, Whitney, Texas Donna Richardson, Whitney, Texas

    I want to Thank You!!!!!
    The grille that I ordered for my husband's new Dodge truck is AWESOME..
    He loves it!! The guys that he works with all are envious...
    I have attached some pics...

    THANK YOU!!!

    I have said before that I have ordered custom grills in the past from other companies that did not fit. I told you that you would hear from me. I am happily surprised that you did deliver. We are referring people to your company.

    **Donna Richardson**

    —Donna Richardson, Whitney, Texas
  • Don Roberts, Baltimore, MD Don Roberts, Baltimore, MD

    Here is the picture of my truck with the grill installed. I posted pictures on 2 forums and all good feedback ! Thanks again it is a great looking product and the quality is the best I have seen.

    —Don Roberts, Baltimore, MD
  • Domonic Guerrero, Anaheim, CA Domonic Guerrero, Anaheim, CA

    Hey Josh this is Domonic Guerrero. I sent in a photo and gave my testimonial via your website. I hope my truck is worthy of makeing your website. You have alot of really nice trucks on there. I'm really happy with the grill and I get a lot of compliments on it. Thanks again

    —Domonic Guerrero, Anaheim, CA
  • Dob Roberts, Baltimore, MD Dob Roberts, Baltimore, MD

    Just a quick update it has been about 2 years since i purchased the grill and it looks as good as the day i purchased it. Thanks again , don.

    —Dob Roberts, Baltimore, MD
  • Devin Stenftenagel, Jasper, IN Devin Stenftenagel, Jasper, IN

    I ordered your twin mesh grills for my 2012 dodge 2500 a little over a month ago. i've got it installed and just wanted to say that it looks great and i've had a ton of compliments on it.

    —Devin Stenftenagel, Jasper, IN
  • Deb Pullins, Friendswood, TX Deb Pullins, Friendswood, TX

    Good morning Christine,

    I wanted to thank you for all your help though this process!
    I received my Grille and emblem! Omg! Y'all did an amazing job!
    It's beyond my expectations! Can't wait to get it installed on my jeep!
    I will send y'all photos! Very soon u will be placing another order for a hitch cover that matches!

    Thanks again!

    —Deb Pullins, Friendswood, TX
  • Dean Gray Derrick Dodge, Alberta Canada Dean Gray Derrick Dodge, Alberta Canada

    It’s a little dirty but it’s amazing how many heads that front end turns. I have guys racing to catch up to me on the highway to have a second look at the front end. Even the good redneck girls are giving me the thumbs up!!!!

    —Dean Gray Derrick Dodge, Alberta Canada
  • David Carr, Oakland, CA David Carr, Oakland, CA

    Hi My name is David Carr

    I have a 2009 Toyota Tacoma that my wife and I purchased a year ago. I kept on seeing similar trucks around my neighborhood and I wanted to change the look to personalized it and be a bit more unique.

    I added a couple of things to the truck but it still wasn't to my liking. I did more research and I realized that a grill would be the best accessory to make my truck stand out.

    I looked and asked everywhere to get the best grill and I found about 4 different vendors online. Royalty Core was of course one of the main ones.

    I made some phone calls and the other places either never returned my calls or were too busy to talk to me about their product. I didn't want to call Royalty Core because I knew that they had not made the grill for Toyota Tacomas, so I left them for the last option. Bad idea, I should have called them first.

    After checking the prices and doing more research about the materials that the other vendors use to make these grills, I decided to call Royalty Core to ask them why they didn't make the grills for Toyota Tacomas. Well, the guy on the phone was really nice, he actually returned my call quickly and when we spoke he told me that they can start making the grill right away if I wanted to. I couldn't believe that. He told me that It would take about 4 weeks or more to make it and I went for it. I should have called them FIRST!.

    Three weeks later, the mailman knocked on my door with a large package and when I read "Royalty Core" on the label, I couldn't believe that it was here.

    The instructions were so easy to follow and it took me about an hour to instal it on my truck. Everything fit perfectly. It looked like whoever made this grill, had taken so much care in manufacturing it that it was as if they had made it for their own child.

    What can I say, excellent customer service, great product, exact instructions, perfect fit, everything I needed was there in the box. Ever since I put it on, I have been asked so many times "where did I get it?"... Now, when I park the truck in a parking lot where other Tacomas are present, my truck stands out and people usually stare at it.

    Thank you so much, Royalty Core, you guys are the best!. If and when I get my next next truck, I now know exactly where to go. WWW.ROYALTYCORE.COM

    —David Carr, Oakland, CA
  • Dave S. Dave S.

    I’m EXTREMELY pleased with the 5 star quality and fit of the Royalty Core grille. Very happy customer!!!

    — Dave S.
  • Dave Limon


    “I am writing to you to let you know that I have received and installed the emblem that I ordered from Royalty Core. The emblem came out better then I could of imagined. I was like a kid at Christmas and couldn't wait to install it on my grill. The details and finish is beautiful, I like the richness of the blue it just makes my whole grill and the front end of my vehicle stand out. My friends and co-workers all think it looks awesome...just what I needed to make my vehicle stand apart from all the others.

    Again thank you! Your shop does amazing work; this will not be my last order from Royalty Core.


    —Dave Limon
  • Dave Hughes, Canada Dave Hughes, Canada

    This is truley a company that cares. Very friendly and positive experiance, perfect fit and finish. I believe I have the MEANEST 2011 super duty grill in CANADA.

    —Dave Hughes, Canada
  • Darran Mohammed, North Lauderdale, FL Darran Mohammed, North Lauderdale, FL

    I would like to take a moment and tell you a little story about this company. I belong to a forum Titan talk and this is how I first found out about this company. when the boys over there were talking about how good the customer service and there products are I had to take a look. I wanted a one of a kind grille for my Titan any ways. Those Boys were right from the first day I spoke to Josh. Calls were returned in a timely manner and there product is by far the best of quality. It was a great doing business with you all. Thanks so much

    —Darran Mohammed, North Lauderdale, FL
  • Dana Steiner, Bellingham, WA Dana Steiner, Bellingham, WA

    I meant to send you a photo a while back. The grille turned out great and was not that difficult to install. I’ve had quite a few compliments and people have been inquiring as to where I purchased it. The guys that I fish tournaments against love the fish emblem.

    Thanks again,

    —Dana Steiner, Bellingham, WA
  • Dana Korpasova, Ontario Canada Dana Korpasova, Ontario Canada

    I love it and thank you for great looking grille!! You are definitely making a name and mark here in southern Ontario with all the crazies lol. Lot of ppl asked about it and took the cards now you guys have fun with making them.

    —Dana Korpasova, Ontario Canada
  • Dan Stockmar, Littleton, CO

    I'd like to give you a compliment on your product, I'm very impressed with the product. From the detailed install and care instructions, immaculate packaging, and of course, first class product, I was stunned when I got my package. I only purchased and grille emblem but looks like the same care was taken for that as a complete grille assembly. I wish I could afford a grille assembly and get rid of the low quality one on my truck now, so I'll try to save up for one down the road. Best wishes and thank you again.

    —Dan Stockmar, Littleton, CO
  • Curtis Craft, Kellogg, ID Curtis Craft, Kellogg, ID

    Jason and company worked with us hand in hand to give us “Exactly what we were asking for”. They did not disappoint! We get more looks, stares, and complements off this truck since Royalty Core made our logo. CSD-Clean Smart Diesel is making a statement with the first of its kind “no after-treatment devices needed” greater power and fuel economy. And at the front of all of this is the great craftsmanship from Royalty Core.

    CSD is purchasing/converting other trucks, semi’s, bikes, trains…do you guys do trains? NO need for us to look any further than the boys at Royalty Core. You have our business. Thank you for matching the blue just perfect. We are impressed!

    —Curtis Craft, Kellogg, ID
  • Cory Zaparyniuk, Alberta Canada Cory Zaparyniuk, Alberta Canada

    I absolutely love the grille. I thought I sent some pics, but I'll make sure I resend them. Thanks so much you guys. I'm very pleased. The trucks getting lots of compliments. Very bad a#$.

    —Cory Zaparyniuk, Alberta Canada
  • Copy of Andy Brousseau Copy of Andy Brousseau

    I've had this grille on the truck (2005 F-350 4x4 Dually) for four years. My wife offered to buy it for our 25th wedding anniversary! Couldn't refuse that. This grille matches the stainless with my running boards and custom stainless mudflaps. It is holding up very well...thank you very much.

    — Andy Brousseau
  • Copy of Aaron McCollister Copy of Aaron McCollister

    Here's the pics you requested. Have you seen the truck on Silverado Nations Facebook, 16,000 likes in 48 hours type of ass kickin. It was all the 5.0 chrome super mesh lol. You and your crew deserve all the credit there. Only the USA can you get away with chroming a cyclone fence, bolting it on a chevy & break necks driving it. I've never seen anything like it. Thanks.

    —Aaron McCollister
  • Copy of Aaron McCollister Copy of Aaron McCollister

    Here's the pics you requested. Have you seen the truck on Silverado Nations Facebook, 16,000 likes in 48 hours type of ass kickin. It was all the 5.0 chrome super mesh lol. You and your crew deserve all the credit there. Only the USA can you get away with chroming a cyclone fence, bolting it on a chevy & break necks driving it. I've never seen anything like it. Thanks.

    —Aaron McCollister
  • Connie Gray, Houston, TX Connie Gray, Houston, TX

    I will send better pics when I get it cleaned up tomorrow but wanted you to see the result so far.

    Thank you so much for your help and quick responses. It was well worth the wait. I would recommend y'all 10x over! :)

    —Connie Gray, Houston, TX
  • Cole Wadsworth, Draper, Utah Cole Wadsworth, Draper, Utah

    Royalty Core grille’s did more than make my truck look much better, their customer service and involvement in each order is outstanding and I would recommend this company to anyone looking for that custom look on their ride.

    —Cole Wadsworth, Draper, Utah
  • Chuck Bond, Dewey, OK

    Just received and installed the star. Looks great! Paint is a perfect match. Couldn't be happier!

    —Chuck Bond, Dewey, OK
  • Chris Wyatt, Elko, Nevada

    Loving the grille. It definitely gets a lot of compliments and turns heads. I will c what I can do. Right now been doing a lot of watersports and beach sand so it's all dirty :-). Try to get it cleaned up and get a nice shot for you guys. Take Care

    —Chris Wyatt, Elko, Nevada
  • Chris Gardner, Apollo, PA Chris Gardner, Apollo, PA

    I received my grille yesterday and installed it this morning! I honestly could not be happier with the look as well as the quality of the grille itself. As soon as I pulled it out of the box I could tell that it was of solid construction and the finish was outstanding. As a machinist, I could appreciate the attention to detail and how the curves and lines of the pieces flowed together. I'm an extremely picky individual and I couldn't find a single flaw in the powder coat on either piece. Installation was a breeze, with both sides fitting perfectly after minimal cutting of the stock grille. The front end of my truck as been completely transformed yet the lines of the grille still look natural and oem. I will definitely recommend Royalty Core to everyone I know without hesitation. I plan on ordering the lower bumper grille for my truck in the near future after seeing how great the top is. I attached a few pictures of the grille on my truck, although I didn't have time to wash it beforehand. Thanks again, I look forward to ordering from Royalty Core again very soon

    —Chris Gardner, Apollo, PA
  • Chip Snyder, San Antonio, TX Chip Snyder, San Antonio, TX

    I received the new grille last week. It look's awesome on the truck. First show out, took first place in the Radical Class, and the truck got the Owner's Choice award (which is Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs) at the show.

    Thanks again for everything,

    —Chip Snyder, San Antonio, TX
  • Caleb Hamm, Spicewood, TX

    Installation went great! It looks amazing! I will get some pictures soon, and whenever I put my lift on I will send some more in.

    —Caleb Hamm, Spicewood, TX
  • Bryee Prieto Bryee Prieto 5 big beautiful stars!

    This whole experience was so smooth and easy! Thank you Christine!

    I can't draw and explaining what I wanted must have not been easy to understand but you guys did it! You made exactly what I have wanted!

    People tell me I over paid but I disagree! The quality of the work plus the customer service was worth every penny!

    Very happy with my grille! I scoured google looking for custom grilles and finally found you guys! Now I have a custom grille and am very happy with it! Thank you Royalty Core

    Thank You!
    Bryee Prieto
  • Bryan Forester, Oklahoma City, OK Bryan Forester, Oklahoma City, OK

    Royalty Core makes the best grill on the Planet! There is plenty of 4x4's on the road with RBP and similar brands which look ok. BUT, when you are rolling with a Royalty Core grill you get noticed. As far as quality, its by far top notch... nothing compares. Thanks Josh for building me the ultimate 4x4 grill.

    —Bryan Forester, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Bruce Gunsch, Leander, Texas Bruce Gunsch, Leander, Texas

    I love it and there is no other Raptor that has this... :) One PROUD TEXAN...

    —Bruce Gunsch, Leander, Texas
  • Brian Payne, Emporia, KS Brian Payne, Emporia, KS

    I am very impressed with the workmanship! I am glad to see some companies still pride themselves in American made.....

    —Brian Payne, Emporia, KS
  • Brian Kanitz, Britton, MI Brian Kanitz, Britton, MI

    Im very happy with how the grill looks, well worth the wait! an think its gonna look even better on my truck, i gotta 2009 patriot blue cummins, an long story short, it was in a accident an had to have the almost the whole truck rebuilt. (I needed one last custom touch to it to have the finished truck that im picturing in my head, an your grille was it no doubt it) My buddy Brian Burton down in KY recommended me too you guys. (Burton performance). An after showin a few people the pics of mine an off your site im sure youll have some more orders to southern michigan. Ill be sure to send pics of the finished goal times at the end of the month. So ill be sure to show u how it turns out. Thanks again

    —Brian Kanitz, Britton, MI
  • Brian and Cindy Lasich, Worland, WY Brian and Cindy Lasich, Worland, WY

    We are loving the grill! It was so easy to install and we have had so many compliments! Best purchase I have made for my husband!

    Thanks so much!

    —Brian and Cindy Lasich, Worland, WY
  • Brent Hamby, Cumming, GA Brent Hamby, Cumming, GA

    Royalty Core is one of the most professional, customer centric, and high quality companies I have ever dealt with for after market accessories. I emailed and called multiple times and every time I was greeted with a quick very helpful response. The products Royalty Core puts our are second to none and spare no expense in production. If you are looking at buying after market parts for your vehicle you will get only the best from Royalty Core at a fraction of the price of their competitors. I would gladly do business with them again and almost positively will in the future. All I can say to Josh and Brianne is thank you so much for all of your help and I wish Royalty Core the best of luck.

    —Brent Hamby, Cumming, GA
  • Brandon Abts Brandon Abts

    Thanks for the great product. I will definitely be back in the future.

    — Brandon Abts
  • Brad Helm, Alberta Canada Brad Helm, Alberta Canada


    I'm smiling!!!

    —Brad Helm, Alberta Canada
  • Ben Schulz & Raven Truck Accessories, Edmonton, AB Canada Ben Schulz & Raven Truck Accessories, Edmonton, AB Canada

    Hey Guy’s,

    Just finished one of the nicest grilles I’v ever had the pleasure to install. This was just such a wonderful Product to work with (easy) and the end result made our customer so happy and just flat out made us lookGood. So THANK YOU! The customer was so happy that he said “ Now I only drive truck and leave my Corvette ZO6 2012 at home!!” I thought you might like to hear that. L.O.L. J

    Thanks to you guys and Chris at our vendor Buzz staff J

    —Ben Schulz & Raven Truck Accessories, Edmonton, AB Canada
  • Ben Mercer, Wetaskwin, AB Ben Mercer, Wetaskwin, AB

    The install went really quickly and was very easy once we finally had the time and proper weather conditions to perform the install. Big thanks to you and the team at Royalty Core the grille looks fantastic.

    —Ben Mercer, Wetaskwin, AB
  • Austin Maloney, Ontario, Canada Austin Maloney, Ontario, Canada

    hey bri...sorry its taken soo long to reply and get you guys some pictures of the grille...i am a slacker..haha just havent gotten around to getting a good solid picture when my truck is all nice and shiny but i have a few that i will send you guys and u can pick and choose if u want to use any of them on your website...the service was great, price was phenomenal...loved that i got to see a picture of it before it was shipped...have told a lot of people about the good work your team does...installation was a breeze..thanks again.let me know when you put the picture(s) on your website..also email me back to confirm you got the pictures and that they are ok....i also got a window banner made with the matching skulls as the grille..adds a nice touch.

    —Austin Maloney, Ontario, Canada
  • Arthur Willier, Alberta Canada

    I would just like to say... I have never had so many dodge guys with jacked up. Tricked out trucks.. Slow down some even stop to admire my royalty core grill you all did for me.. Some ask were I got it. I tell them all to check you out on line.. So thinking I am going to see more of your grills in northern Alberta Canada soon...

    —Arthur Willier, Alberta Canada
  • Anthony Wensmann, Avon, MT Anthony Wensmann, Avon, MT

    In love with the new grille, thanks for all the help. Couldn't be more happy with the final product!

    —Anthony Wensmann, Avon, MT
  • Andy Brousseau Andy Brousseau

    I've had this grille on the truck (2005 F-350 4x4 Dually) for four years. My wife offered to buy it for our 25th wedding anniversary! Couldn't refuse that. This grille matches the stainless with my running boards and custom stainless mudflaps. It is holding up very well...thank you very much.

    — Andy Brousseau
  • Andrew Lowe, Kingwood, TX Andrew Lowe, Kingwood, TX


    I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know that I received the grill yesterday and it by far exceeded my expectations. The build quality is amazing as is the finish on it, I’ve run RBP grills on my last 2 SEMA builds and the fit was rough and finish was suspect, I found none of those issues with the RC grill.

    Thank you for the support and allowing me to run this product on my truck!

    —Andrew Lowe, Kingwood, TX
  • Alex Roth, Michigan City, IN

    That is way awesome!!! I'm putting my truck in a show when I get back to the states and I will make sure to take pictures and send them to y'all! Thanks so much!

    —Alex Roth, Michigan City, IN
  • Darryl Hutcheson- Worth every penny

    I just want thank you for the help when ordering my grill a bunch of years back. It still looks as good as the day I bought it. I've done no special maintenance or anything and I live up north here in beautiful British Columbia. And it is held up to everything nature could throw at it and then some. I had never thought it would ever look so good. Thank you to you and your team for such a great quality product. Worth every penny!

    —Darryl Hutcheson