How Much Do Ford OEM Replacement Grilles Cost?

If you need to replace your Ford grille, you're probably wondering how much it’ll cost you. In this post, we're going to go over the average cost for OEM replacements, as well as custom aftermarket grilles.

NOTE: We're grabbing all the pricing for Ford OEM grilles from an online retailer (Blue Springs Ford Parts) because they tend to have good pricing. We don't have an opinion on buying from this company or not; we just want to explain why we're using this company. Your local dealer may have better pricing (only probably not).

Average Ford OEM Replacement Grille Costs For F-150s

The cost for a new OEM replacement grille depends on the year and trim level. For example, an OEM grille for a base 2004 model is cheaper than an OEM grille for a 2012 Harley Davidson model (which typically costs $700-$800). The cost varies due to availability, design, finish, materials, and other factors.

F250 king grill

Grille components for the 2017 Ford F-150 King Ranch model

It’s safe to say that an OEM replacement grille for a new F-150 ranges between $400 and $1,200. The grand total depends on the grille style you choose, as well as add-ons like an emblem. Note that this is a quote for the 2017 F-150 King Ranch model. Prices for other year models and trim packages will be different.

Average Ford OEM Replacement Grille Costs For F-250 Super Duty Trucks

Super duty grille

OEM grilles for F-250 Super Duty models are generally more expensive than grilles made for F-150 models because they’re bigger and more intricate. A new OEM replacement grille designed for a 2017 F-250 Platinum Super Duty truck is in the $700-$900 range. Of course, prices for other years and trim packages may be different.

Aftermarket Grilles Offer More Bang For Your Buck

A new OEM grille costs hundreds of dollars, sometimes even over a thousand dollars. If you’re going to spend that kind of money, why not put it towards a custom aftermarket grille that will better protect your truck?

Royalty Core grilles are designed to either "beef up" your OEM grille (meaning you will need to use parts from the stock grille alongside the aftermarket grille), or in the case of many Ford grilles, to completely replace it. The 2017+ Super Duty grilles by Royalty Core are a 100% stainless steel complete replacement for the OEM grille. Prior generations of Super Duty reuse the outer ‘surround’ portion of the OEM grille.

If you need an entire grille assembly, then it would make sense to get an OEM grille. If the inner portion of your grille was damaged by something like a bird strike, consider re-using your surround and mounting a much higher quality stainless steel grille insert from Royalty Core.

Replacing the grille on your Ford truck with factory OEM parts generally costs almost as much as buying a high-quality custom stainless steel grille from a reputable brand like Royalty Core. The latter offers much more bang for the buck.

Why Royalty Core Grilles Are Best For Your Ford

Ford custom grille

Ford OEM grilles are great if you want a truck that looks like every other truck, and if you're not too worried about the OEM grille cracking or breaking due to debris.

However, if you're concerned about future damage, or if you want something that looks unique, we think our grilles are the best. All Royalty Core grilles are:

  • Made of corrosion-resistant T304 stainless steel, so they're rustproof and extremely strong
  • CNC cut and hand-fabricated for precise fitment
  • Highly customizable, with options for mesh, finish, studs, and more
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty

You simply cannot buy a better quality grille for your Ford truck - not even from the factory. Contact us today about getting a premium custom stainless steel grille made for your Ford truck.

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