What To Look For In A Custom Grille For A Toyota Tacoma

A new grille can be a great way to personalize and protect your Toyota Tacoma and give it a more modern look. There are countless varieties of aftermarket grilles on the market today. This variety can make the selection process that much tougher. We have a few Royalty Core recommendations you can learn more about here.

Toyota tacoma grille

With all these options for custom grilles filling the market, how do you pick the best value grille for your Tacoma? We came up with this guide of must-have features to help you choose the right aftermarket grille for your Toyota.

Must-Have Features For Your Tacoma Grille:

  • High-quality materials including stainless steel: When buying a custom grille, airflow and protection from debris should be your two main focuses. Using stainless steel construction ensures your new grille is both durable and built to last.
  • Tested quality assurance process: Your aftermarket custom grille should be quality-tested to ensure it can withstand impacts and provide safety for you and your passengers.
  • Designed and built to OEM standards (or better): If your custom grille isn't built to OEM standards, you'll be more likely to have issues with fit, durability, and part longevity.
  • Precise dimensions: Using factory dimensions ensures an OEM fit and offers the added benefit of giving a bit of personalization to your Tacoma.
  • Quality welds: Quality metal work ensures your grille is both safe and durable.
  • Good Warranty: if the grille manufacturer stands behind their designs you're likely to have more confidence in their products.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

Why Royalty Core Grilles Are Above And Beyond

Toyota tacoma grill features

Many aftermarket manufacturers offer some of the numerous features listed above, but every Royalty Core grille includes all these and more:

  • Our grilles are built to OEM Toyota specs or better (not like other brands that use incorrect dimensions or materials).
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all our grilles.
  • Our designs utilize T304 stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion.
  • Our grilles don't use any plastics.
  • We ensure precise dimensions with CNC machines, making sure every grille has that perfect OEM fit.
  • We test fit all grilles before shipping.

At Royalty Core, we offer Custom Grilles for Toyota Tacomas dating back to 2005. You can click here to view the entire catalog, or you can select your Toyota Tacoma down below:

Every Royalty Core custom grille is built with the highest quality materials and OEM fitments. We do offer a few different personalization options for your Toyota:

RC 1 - The RC1 offers a clean 2-tone appearance with a diamond mesh designed to help airflow while protecting your truck.

RC 2 - This T304 Stainless Steel design offers a twin mesh style with tig-welding to ensure longevity and protection.

RCRX - This tight weave mesh design offers our Raceline design while incorporating a deep-black weave and powder coating to ensure this grille looks the part for years to come.

RC 4 - This layered design has a polished gloss frame against stainless steel to give your Tacoma a polished and protected look.

Many of these designs also offer a VISION 19 inch LED bar to ensure your Toyota Tacoma is well-lit out on the roads.