What To Look For In A Toyota Tundra Custom Grille

With the aftermarket full of custom grilles, it can be tough to identify what features are important for protecting your Toyota Tundra. There are many different grille manufacturers, and many different ways to make grilles. We came up with this guide to help you decide.

High-Quality Tundra Grilles Have These Features

Tundra grilles

When it comes time to upgrade your truck, one of the best ways to do so is with a reliable and quality grille. The grille both protects the front end and allows for airflow into the engine. A quality aftermarket grille has many benefits. It should:

  • Protect your radiator
  • Improve or maintain airflow
  • Improve your Tundra's look
  • Be more durable than the OEM grille

With these upgrades it's important to find an aftermarket grille that is both durable and high-quality. Your grille is the first thing many people notice when they see a Tundra. Investing in a quality aftermarket grille ensures your truck is protected and is unique to you. When selecting an aftermarket grille, you should be considering features like:

  • Precision manufacturing to OEM standard dimensions
  • Use of high quality material, especially stainless steel
  • The manufacturer's quality assurance process
  • The warranty
  • Customization options
  • The ability to hold custom emblems (discussed more here)

Royalty Core Grilles Do It All 

Tundra grille

Royalty Core aftermarket grilles meet all of the criteria above and more. We develop and manufacture high-quality aftermarket grilles here in the United States. Royalty Core grilles outshine the competition in many ways. We:

  • Provide a lifetime warranty
  • Utilize T304 Stainless steel and are corrosion-resistant.
  • Use CNC machines to cut every grille, ensuring OEM dimensions
  • Don't use plastic
  • Can customize your Royalty Core grille before it arrives

Royalty Core Offers A Variety Of Tundra Grilles 

Grille features

At Royalty Core we develop grilles for Toyota Tundras dating all the way back to 2003, you can find your Tundra's model year in the list below:

Check out these styles of Royalty Core Grilles for your Tundra:

RC1 & RC1X Grilles

The RC1 offers a simple, classic look with customization options for incredible LED lighting to offer both form and function. The TIG welded mesh provides ample airflow and corrosion resistant protection for your Tundra.

RCR & RCRX Race Line Grilles

The RCR line offers a woven mesh design to allow for more airflow with fewer studs to allow for weight savings. The powder-coated, scratch-resistant frame ensures your Tundra continues to have that clean and personalized look for years to come.

RC2 & RC2X Twin Mesh Grilles

The RC2 is easily customizable designed to compliment custom LED bars and emblems with accent mesh for that personal look. The RC2 also offers diamond mesh corner accents for a bit more aggressive look.

RC3DX Innovative Grille

The RC3DX offers a dramatic look with raised 1" graphics and a layered appearance ensuring your Tundra's front end looks the part while keeping your radiator protected.

RC4 Layered Grille

Where the RC3DX is dramatic, the RC4 is more subtle with bare metal stainless steel finish, polished accents and smooth, no-look studs.