Truck Emblems vs Decals. Which Is Right For You?

Are you ready to add some character to your truck? Are you having a hard time deciding between emblems and decals? You came to the right place. In this comparison guide, we’ll explore the differences between emblems and decals. We hope this guide will help you reach an educated decision.

What Is A Decal?

Apply decal

A decal is also called a sticker or a graphic. It's a sticker made out of self-adhesive vinyl material. They're designed for outdoor use and to be affixed to a car body or window without causing any long-lasting damage. Decals come in many different colors, sizes, and designs. Some businesses add decals to their trucks to display information, such as their phone number. Some truck owners add fun decals to their trucks to showcase their own personality.

What Is An Emblem?

Skull emblem

An emblem is a metal or plastic badge to be affixed to the grille or the car body. It serves the same purpose as a decal - to add some art to your truck. Yet, emblems are different from decals. Emblems create a raised surface, for one. Decals are "flat" because they're stickers. Emblems can be a variety of different things, including:

  • Business logos
  • Sports team logos or mascots
  • Characters (superhero, comic book characters, etc.)
  • Symbols
  • More

The Pros And Cons Of Putting Decals On Your Truck

If installed right, decals look great on a truck. They can be quite eye-catching. They add a whole lot of information or personality to your truck. Yet, they come with a few drawbacks:

  • Car decals don't last long. They usually last about three years before fading and/or peeling. It's because they eventually succumb to outdoor elements.
  • Car decals can be very hard to remove. Sometimes they'll leave an "outline" after being removed. That can make the truck an eyesore.
  • Large decals can be hard to install. You need special tools like levels or grids to place and line up large decals correctly.

The Pros And Cons Of Putting Emblems On Your Truck

Longhorn emblem

A well-designed and well-built emblem is a great addition to your truck. It adds some personality (and sometimes color) to the truck's appearance. Plus, high quality emblems last practically forever. Emblems cost a little more than decals, but they last much longer. Plus, you're not running the risk of ruining your truck's body or windows with decals. Emblems are a non-invasive upgrade. They're easy to install and remove without affecting the truck's appearance.

If you want to get the most value out of an emblem, get a metal one. Metal emblems look much nicer and last longer than plastic emblems. The only drawback is that some metal emblems can only be attached to metal grilles because they’re so heavy. If you have a heavy duty grille, metal emblems are the way to go.

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Why Not Both?

Emblems deliver more long lasting value than decals. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put decals on your truck in addition to emblems. Decals can really tie together a truck’s appearance just as much as emblems do.

A truck can look incredible with both emblems and decals. This Ford Super Duty truck is a great example. It sports a Royalty Core emblem on the front grille, and an eye-catching blue skull decal on the side.