Featured Vehicle: Ford Super Duty

Not all Ford Super Duty trucks are destined to be workhorses. Some Ford Super Duty owners turn their trucks into stylish road beasts. Case in point:

When we saw this 2018 SEMA build, we instantly fell in love with it. SEMA always has impressive projects on display, and this one did not disappoint.

The Color Scheme

This truck is aesthetically pleasing from all angles, as well as inside. We’re really digging the color scheme. Even though white is arguably the most common color on trucks and it's rare to see a silver show truck, the builders of this Super Duty made it turn heads with the stunning blue accent color.

It’s very evident that a lot of thought was put into the color scheme. The blue accent color is eye-catching, but not overwhelmingly so. We spy many different blue parts peppered all over the Super Duty, including:

  • Ford badges
  • Royalty Core emblem
  • Lettering on the bumper
  • Frames around the Firewire LED lights
  • Suspension springs
  • Decals on the truck body
  • Wheels
  • Trailer hitch

Some of these parts are painted in a gorgeous shade of metallic blue, which in our opinion brings the truck’s aesthetic to the next level. The Hostile Wheels skull decals bring a lot of personality to the truck, and we love it.

What Beefs It Up?

Another thing we love about this truck is the fact that it’s loaded with top-of-the-line aftermarket parts, including our very own custom Royalty Core grille! The builders picked the Ford Super Duty 2017-2019 RC2X X-Treme Dual LED Full Grille design, along with the following customizations:

  • Satin black grille frame color and mesh color
  • Chrome studs
  • Custom fittings for the LED lights

The other notable aftermarket parts found on the truck include:

  • N-Fab bumper, which is painted to match the body of the truck
  • Klearz Manufacturing headlights
  • Firewire performance LEDs
  • McGaughys Suspension parts
  • Roadwire Leather Interiors
  • Bedrug Bedliners
  • Hostile Wheels (H114 Fury design)
  • Bulletproof hitch
  • Hornblasters – the truck is as loud as it looks
  • R1Concepts hood
  • TruckHero - UnderCover bed cover
  • Bolt Lock
  • True Spike lug nuts
  • Viair portable air compressor and tire inflator

With the truck’s stunning color scheme and all the high-end aftermarket parts on it, we give this Super Duty build a 10/10.

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