A lot of Tundra owners have been upgrading their grilles. Why is this? There are many good reasons to upgrade to a quality aftermarket grille:

  • An aftermarket grille can add a custom look to your truck.
  • A quality aftermarket grille is strong enough to withstand hail or other natural disasters that could damage the truck. OEM Tundra grilles rarely provide enough protection.
  • If you buy the right brand, you're getting so much more value for your money.
  • OEM grilles are often made of plastic, which can be damaged by rocks and road debris. They also can break if they hit something hard like a tree branch. Many aftermarket grilles are manufactured from high-quality steel or aluminum. These materials can stand up to more wear and tear. Grilles are meant to protect the radiator, AC evaporator, and other parts. The stronger the grille, the more protection these parts get.

It’s a myth that all aftermarket grille brands are the same in terms of quality. When shopping for a new Toyota Tundra grille, quality should be your priority. You want your grille to fit your Tundra well while providing as much protection as possible. You can't go wrong with Royalty Core.

Royalty Core Is A Leading Brand For Aftermarket Toyota Tundra Grilles

Tundra grilles

Your Tundra deserves nothing but the best. That’s why Royalty Core should be your brand of choice when shopping for an aftermarket grille. Here’s why:

1. Royalty Core Grilles Are Made With The Highest Quality Materials

Did you know that T304 stainless steel is the best material for truck grilles? This material is quite durable, and it lasts forever. It's also resistant to corrosion. Yet, many custom grille manufacturers don't use it because it's hard to bend and machine.

At Royalty Core, T304 stainless steel is all we use to build our grilles. Our company has the necessary tools and expertise to bend T304 stainless steel with precision. This makes Royalty Core grilles the most durable grilles on the market.

2. Royalty Core Grilles Are Very Well Built

Workmanship is as important as material quality. We got that down pat, too. Each Royalty Core grille is hand fabricated and TIG welded by certified welders. This ensures top-quality construction.

Some grilles are not welded well. The are just glued together, and that is bad. When a poorly built grille comes undone, it can be dangerous. It leaves the radiator and other parts vulnerable. You want a grille to be TIG welded really well so that it will stay together, even on impact. Royalty Core grilles fit the bill.

3. A Royalty Core Grille Will Fit Your Truck Perfectly

A grille that doesn't fit well can leave your radiator vulnerable to debris and other elements. A poor-fitting grille can come loose, too.

At Royalty Core, we pay special attention to detail. A lot of companies may cut corners here because they don't understand how important it is to fit a grille well. We take the time to make sure that our grilles will fit perfectly on your Tundra. So you can rest easy knowing that your radiator and engine are well protected.

We guarantee perfect fitment by cutting all our grilles with CNC precision. We also include twice as many attachment points than those found on our competitors' grilles. This helps the grille fit the truck more perfectly. You won't feel like your Royalty Core grille is "bolted" to the truck, but rather a part of the truck.

4. Royalty Core Grilles Have A Good Warranty

Royalty Core grilles feature a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner of the vehicle in which the grille is installed. This means that if something goes wrong with your grille due to a manufacturer's defect, we will replace it for free.

5. All Royalty Core Grilles Are Tried And True

At Royalty Core, our engineers thoroughly test each grille for protection and performance with:

  • Salt
  • Chemicals
  • Rough off-road driving

They also tweak the design until it meets their standards for both protection and aesthetics.

Choose From 9 Different Royalty Core Grilles Designed For Toyota Tundras

Tundra grille options

Royalty Core has a variety of high quality grilles made for Tundra trucks dating back to 2003. Each variation serves a certain aesthetic and/or functional purpose. Check out all the options you can choose from:

1. RC1 And RC1X Grilles

If you're looking for a simple and classic look, you may like the RC1 and RC1X grilles. These grilles provide your truck with a cleaner appearance and accelerated airflow. The RC1 X grille has the same design as the RC1, but it features a 20" LED bar on the bottom.

2. RCR And RCRX Race Line Grilles

A traditional RCR grille is a great way to decorate your truck with clean and simple design. You can customize it by choosing the corner accent color. You can also mount a 20" LED bar either on the top or bottom of the grille.

3. RC2 and RC2X Twin Mesh Grilles

Do you want your grille to have a custom look with emblems and/or accent mesh in the corners? If so, you may like the RC2 and RC2X twin mesh grilles. If you want LED light bars, get an RC2X grille. It comes with two high-tech 10" LED bars on the sides.

4. RC3DX Innovative Grille

If you're looking for a modern and aggressive looking grille, the RC3DX grille may be right up your alley. It comes with raised graphics and studs that gives the grille a 3D look.

5. RC4 Layered Grille

Another "3D" grille you may like is the RC4 layered grille. It has a sleeker appearance because it doesn't have any studs. There's a secondary layer underneath the grille. It's made of raw stainless steel, and it provides a cool layered look.

6. RCX Explosive Dual LED Grille

The RCX grille is perfect for nighttime off-roading. It offers a signature explosive lumen output with two vertically mounted 12" LED bars.

Do you need help finding the right Royalty Core grille for your Tundra? We'll be happy to help if you contact us!