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Royalty Core is the perfect solution for anyone who’s looking for premium custom grilles. We carry the largest line of custom grilles in the industry, and we have an array of different high-quality grilles for GMC trucks and SUVs. At Royalty Core, we use advanced technology to design, engineer, manufacture, and test our GMC grilles. Every single component – from the frame to the hardware and studs – is made of corrosion-resistant T304 stainless steel, which means your grille will never rust. We cut all of our stainless with high quality CNC precision, and we use absolutely no plastic in any of our grilles. Despite the world-class quality of our GMC grilles, we still offer a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind that Royalty Core will always have you covered.

When ordering a Royalty Core grille for your GMC truck or SUV, you can customize it by selecting your preferred colors and mesh size. All our products are proudly made in the USA, and we’ll be happy to add anything else to your custom GMC grille, like a logo or emblem. Find your custom grille here.

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Grilles By Vehicle - GMC Grilles - 2500/3500 Denali
Customize your 2500/3500 Denali to look even more aggressive with a custom truck grille from Royalty Core. Every one of our grilles is built to meet your specs - both the specs of your exact...More Details »
Grilles By Vehicle - GMC Grilles - 2500/3500 Sierra
Your Sierra calls for a stand-out grille. Available for the Sierra 2500 and the Sierra 3500 for years 2003 to today, Royalty Core custom grilles are durable and built to fit. Truly, we don't even...More Details »
Grilles By Vehicle - GMC Grilles - 1500
There's a reason GMC 1500 owners enjoy upgrading and customizing their vehicle--the truck is a thing of beauty. Whether you choose a gloss black or a custom color, chrome studs or gun metal...More Details »
Grilles By Vehicle - GMC Grilles - Canyon
The RC2 Twin Mesh, RC3DX Innovative Grille and the RC4 Layered Grille are just three of the grille styles Royalty Core offers. Click the link below for your year of Canyon truck to see our full...More Details »
Grilles By Vehicle - GMC Grilles - Yukon
Our extensive inventory of Royalty Core grilles for GMC Yukon models makes us your one-stop shop for aftermarket custom grilles. We take a lot of pride our grilles that are handcrafted by trained...More Details »
Grilles By Vehicle - GMC Grilles - Top Kick
Make your GMC Topkick stand out from the crowd by replacing the factory GMC truck grille with a Royalty Core Grille, customized to reflect the strong stance of your behemoth truck. Every RCX dual...More Details »