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Royalty Core - 2500/3500 Sierra

GMC Grilles - 2500/3500 Sierra

Your Sierra calls for a stand-out grille. Available for the Sierra 2500 and the Sierra 3500 for years 2003 to today, Royalty Core custom grilles are durable and built to fit. Truly, we don't even start your order until we're certain our specs match yours. Specs include size (so the grille perfectly fits your year/make/model) and your chosen color or finish, mesh type, stud preference, and more. When we say custom, we mean custom. Your Royalty Core grille will be unique to you and your Sierra.

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GMC Grilles - 2500/3500 Sierra - 2015-2019 2500 & 3500 Sierra Grilles
All Royalty Core grilles are handmade in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty. You won't find another grille like them. It's that uniqueness that makes these grilles a perfect fit for your...More Details »
GMC Grilles - 2500/3500 Sierra - 2011-2014 2500 & 3500 Sierra Grilles
If you drive a 2011-2014 Sierra 2500 or a Sierra 3500, we know you value heavy-duty truck construction. We also know that all Royalty Core headache racks and grilles (like the ones listed here) are...More Details »
GMC Grilles - 2500/3500 Sierra - 2007-2010 2500 & 3500 Sierra Grilles
Outfit your GMC with a handmade, exact-fit Royalty Core grille. Whether you are looking for another line of defense against wear, tear, dings, and dents or you want a stylish upgrade, all of our...More Details »