Comic-Inspired Custom Truck Accessories

Are you a truck owner who’s a fan of comics and superheroes? If so, you’re in luck. The world is billions of years old and you happen to exist as the same time as comic-inspired custom truck accessories. That’s right. You can customize your truck to showcase your favorite comic book characters, logos, or other imagery!

At Royalty Core, we’re huge fans of comics and superheroes. Our fervid fandom has inspired us to build a large inventory of comic-inspired truck grille emblems and hitch covers. Check out some of our customers’ favorites!

1. Punisher Grille Emblems

To say that we love the Punisher would be an understatement. We carry quite a few Punisher grille emblems. Check them out!

Punisher truck emblem

This stainless steel/gun metal emblem sports a unique design. The Punisher combined with the American flag will turn heads!

royalty core Punisher emblem

If you're a patriot slash Punisher fan who wants to add some color to your grille, this is the perfect emblem for you.

chrome Punisher logo

The Punisher logo is quite a statement, but this emblem takes it to the next level. With two Colt 1911s added in, everyone will know exactly what you love.

chrome punisher image

Polished chrome? Check. A head-turning simple yet intricate design? Check. The Punisher? Check. This Punisher grille emblem has it all!

truck grille Punisher emblem

If minimalism is your thing, you may want this chrome Punisher grille emblem.

2. Punisher Hitch Cover

If you’re a Punisher fan and your truck comes with a hitch, you’re going to love this hitch cover.

Punisher hitch cover

This high quality Punisher hitch cover will add a custom look to the tow hitch

3. Transformers Grille Emblems

Are humanoid robots among your favorite parts of the Transformers series? Whether you’re team Autobot or team Decepticon, we have something for you:

Transformer grille emblem

Show your support for the Autobots with this awesome grille emblem!

Transformer grille emblem image

If you prefer the dark side, this Decepticon emblem may be right up your alley.

Transformer grille logo

Here's another Decepticon emblem if you want a lighter look.

4. Decepticon Hitch Cover

Our Decepticon emblems are so popular that we decided to make a hitch cover too!

Decepticon hitch cover

This Decepticon hitch cover will definitely improve your truck's appearance.

5. Batman Grille Emblems

If Batman is your vibe, you’ll want one (or both) of these emblems on your truck:

Batman grille emblem

This Dark Knight emblem will show everyone else how much of a Bruce Wayne fan you are.

Batman image royalty core grille

We have a vintage Batman emblem too!

6. G.I. Joe Grille Emblem

Were you that kid with tons of G.I. Joe action figures proudly showcased in your bedroom? Do you still hold that same strong affinity for G.I. Joe today? If so, we’ve got the perfect grille emblem for you.

GI Joe grille emblem

This gloss black and chrome G.I. Joe emblem has a classy design. We love it!

7. Star Wars Grille Emblem

If you’re a Storm Trooper guy, this emblem is the perfect addition to your truck:

Star Wars grille emblem

This Storm Trooper emblem will make your truck look tougher than ever.

8. Superman Grille Emblems

Show your support for the man of steel by sporting one (or both) of these Superman emblems on your grille:

Superman grille emblem

The black and chrome color of this unique Superman emblem is quite a statement, don't you think?

Superman emblem royalty core grille

If you're looking for some color, we got you with this red/black Superman emblem!

We Customize Badges, Logos, And Emblems Too

We’ve made hundreds of custom badges, logos, and emblems for our customers. If you want a custom comic-inspired truck accessory, we can make it happen for you. Visit this page for more information on custom truck accessories and to check out the amazing custom stuff we’ve made for our customers!