Custom Grilles and Emblems For Contractors and Fleets

Super Duty Custom Emblem

The grille and emblem are often the first thing people see when they look at your truck. If you want people to see your trucks and remember your company, your vehicles need to be unique. A custom grille or emblem from Royalty Core is something special.

  • Custom wraps and bright colors are common and less effective than ever
  • A custom grille or emblem is usually less expensive than a custom vinyl wrap
  • Custom grilles and emblems are rare - they always get attention

If you want your fleet to stand out, you want a custom grille or emblem for your vehicles.

Make Sure Your Trucks Get Noticed

A custom grille and/or emblem is a next-level marketing tool for fleets. That's because, as brightly-colored vinyl wraps have become more common, consumers have started to ignore them. Throwing a bright color vinyl wrap on your fleet just doesn't work like it used to.

Fleet vehicles with custom emblems and grilles, however, are rare. And because the grille and emblem is often the first thing a consumer sees, it's a great place to make a first impression. Custom grilles and emblems are impressive and - as a result - memorable.

Custom Grilles and Emblems Are Easy and Affordable

Part of the reason that a custom grille and/or emblem works so well as a marketing tool is that they seem like a big investment. Consumers often assume that a custom grille or emblem took a lot of time and effort to create.

At Royalty Core, we make ordering custom grilles and emblems really easy, especially for fleets:

1. First, we have a quick conversation about your needs and how you'd like the grille and/or emblem to be integrated into your existing vehicles.

2. Then, send us your company logo, a sketch, a picture of another custom grille you like, etc., and our design team will generate a mock-up. You'll get to see what the grille or emblem will look like on your trucks before you commit to a big order.

3. When you are 100% satisfied with the design, we manufacture your order.

Best of all, we offer significant quantity discounts to fleets and commercial vehicle owners. A custom grille or emblem for your entire fleet won't cost much compared to wrapping the entire fleet, and it will last longer too.

We Can Integrate Emergency and Safety Lights Too

Instead of spending money on a stand-alone emergency or safety light bar, just order a custom grille that integrates both your company's logo and the lighting you need. We offer a full range of LED lighting options for commercial users, including flashing lighting in amber or red and blue.

Lifetime Warranty And Always Made In The USA

Made in the USA!

Royalty Core builds every custom grille and emblem out of the our Oregon facility. Because we value quality, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products, including custom emblems for fleet trucks.

Let Us Design The Right Grille And Emblem For Your Fleet

If you want your fleet trucks to catch a consumer's attention, you need them to be memorable. A brightly colored vinyl wrap isn't nearly as impactful as it used to be.

So, instead of doing the same old thing that every other fleet is doing to promote their trucks, check out a custom grille and/or emblem from Royalty Core. Contact us below to learn more.