How To Remove A Grille From A 2014-2017 Tundra

Do you have a 2014-2017 Toyota Tundra? Do you need to remove its grille? If your answer to both questions is "yes", then you're in luck! In this article, we'll be showing you how to remove your Tundra's grille.

The good news is that it's very simple to remove a Tundra grille. The hardest part is releasing the plastic clips. It can be hard to figure out which way to pull them because they're not usually visible. Pulling them the wrong way can break them.

Reasons To Upgrade To a Royalty Core Grille For Your Tundra

Tundra grille

Whether your Tundra's grille is broken or you're looking to upgrade to a new one, you can't go wrong with a Royalty Core grille. Royalty Core is a leading brand for aftermarket Tundra grilles.

All of our grilles are made from T304 stainless steel, which is strong and resistant to corrosion. There are many more reasons why Royalty Core grilles are the best on the market. This page goes into detail about why this is the case.

One of the best things about Royalty Core grilles is the fact that they come in many different designs. For example, LED lights are one of the best things you could add to your grille, as explained in this blog post.

If you want to add a Royalty Core grille to your Tundra, start here.

How To Remove The Grille On Your 2014-2017 Toyota Tundra

Tundra grille removal

The Tundra trucks built in these years have a lower grille attached to the radiator support. There's also an upper grille trim piece attached to the hood. The process is quite similar for 2018+ Tundra trucks too, but it may be slightly different.

1. Remove The Upper Grille Trim Piece

To do this, take the following steps:

  1. Remove the bolts that attach the upper grille trim piece to the hood.
  2. Pull the upper grille trim piece straight forward to release the clips.

2. Remove The Lower Grille

To do this, take the following steps:

  1. Remove the two pop up clips at each end of the grille.
  2. Remove the 4 10mm bolts from the top of the grille.
  3. If you have the TSS safety system, remove the square panel at the top of the grille. Release the TSS wiring harness that is beneath it.
  4. Lift the rear edge of the grill upwards slightly to clear a lip. Tilt it slightly forward.
  5. There are two clips partway down each side of the back of the grille that you can now access. Push down on them slightly to release them.
  6. Tug gently straight forwards on the lower corners and bottom edge of the grille. Another 5 clips will release.
  7. Remove the grille.

Need A Royalty Core Grille Installation Tutorial?

NitroZ18 Fishing on YouTube put together a good Royalty Core grille installation tutorial:

His tutorial is based on the 2020 Toyota Tundra Platinum, but you should be able to follow it with an older Tundra model.