Want LED Lights On Your Tundra? Put Them On The Grille

Adding LED lights to your Tundra is one of the best upgrades you can give your truck. LED lights increase visibility a lot. There are two different ways to add LED lights to your truck:

  1. Install a stand-alone unit, such as a light bar
  2. Upgrade to a high quality steel grille with built-in LED lights

If you ask us, the second option (upgrading to a grille with built-in LED lights) is a much better investment. You wouldn’t only be getting LED lights, but you’d be getting a new grille too. A high quality grille with built-in LED lights is a more integrated solution than stand-alone units.

Why It’s A Good Idea To Upgrade To A Stainless Steel Grille

led grille

OEM grilles don’t always provide the protection the radiator needs. If something strikes an OEM grille, chances are it will give way. That means the radiator, or A/C condenser, will get damaged, as well. If you find yourself in this situation, you’d be looking at thousands of dollars in repairs.

Steel grilles have the structural integrity necessary to protect radiators and other items behind the grille. They look great, too!

Is your Tundra often exposed to things that can damage the grille or radiator? If so, a steel grille is a great investment.

Why Integrated LED Lights Are Better Than Stand-Alone LED Lights

Having LED lights integrated into your grille is more beneficial than installing stand-alone LED lights on your truck. Here’s why:

  • Integrated LED lights look neater. All the wiring is tucked away out of sight. If you install a stand-alone unit (may it be on your grille, atop your truck, or somewhere else), it may create some unsightly clutter. There will be extra wiring, and hiding it can get complicated.
  • Stand-alone units are more vulnerable to the elements. They can be damaged by being hit by a branch, for instance.

Royalty Core Is A Leading Brand For Stainless Steel Grilles With Built-In LED Lights

led steel grille

Many truck owners consider Royalty Core the go-to brand for stainless steel grilles. At Royalty Core, we value quality above all else. In fact, you can say that our truck grilles are among the highest quality grilles in the world. Our grilles have the following features (that most other grilles don’t come with):

  • Premium grade T304 stainless steel (including studs and mounting hardware)
  • Secure installation/no rattling
  • Hand fabricated
  • 3D designs available
  • Multiple mesh sizes to choose from
  • Optional accent mesh
  • Color match paint options
  • Customizable/made-to-order
  • Custom emblems/logos
  • Built to OEM specs
  • Always made in the USA

We have built plenty of grilles for Tundra trucks. Some of them come with built-in LED lights. You have many different Royalty Core grille designs and styles to choose from. Here are some of our most popular stainless steel LED grilles for Tundra owners:

RC2X X-Treme Dual LED Grille

Our RC2X X-Treme Dual LED grille has two powerful Vision X 12" XMITTER LED light bars. These light bars come with an integrated backlit halo. The halo provides a bright and smooth glow around each reflector. You can use the halo as a daytime running light.

RCX Explosive Dual LED Grille

If you prefer vertical LED light bars, we’ve got the perfect grille for you! Built for 2010-2013 Tundras, this RCX Explosive Dual LED grille has a vertical dual LED design. The Vertical Vision X 11.5" LED light bars at either side of the grille feature an integrated backlit halo, which is perfect as a daytime running light.

RCRX LED Race Line Grilles

RCRX LED Race Line grilles sport a simple yet aggressive design. Each one comes with a 23” double stack LED bar mounted on the top or bottom part of the grille. These are very high quality light bars that shine bright. These lights come with high quality components, including:

  • Weatherproof Deutsch connector with plug-and-play
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Isolated rubber mounts for vibration control
  • A seamless beam pattern

Check out the top-mounted and bottom-mounted RCRX LED Race Line grilles for Toyota Tundra trucks:

RC1X Incredible LED Grille

If you’d like a simple grille with a prominent studded design, you may like this RC1X Incredible LED grille. This grille comes with a 19” Vision X LED bar that provides impressive illumination over a long distance. Check out these RC1X Incredible LED grilles for Tundra trucks:

Do you need help finding the right LED grille for your Tundra? We'll be happy to help! You can call us, email us, or fill out this contact form.