Adding emblems to your Toyota Tundra is a great way to add some personality to your car. Not only are they attractive, but they also give you an opportunity to customize your truck so that it reflects who you are.

People love their Toyota Tundras and want them customized just right. Grille emblems allow everyone from a soccer mom to an off-road enthusiast to show off their personality with their Tundra.

Why Metal Grille Emblems Are A Great Investment

Skull emblem

Emblems provide more value than decals. If you want to get the most value, though, get a metal grille emblem.

Metal grille emblems do more than only give your vehicle a unique look. They can also protect your grille from wear and tear. The metal emblem acts as a shield for the area of the grille it covers. So you won't need to worry about that part of your grille cracking or peeling away.

Metal grille emblems also last much longer than plastic emblems. They can withstand all kinds of weather and elements. Keep in mind that metal emblems are heavy. So they should only be attached to metal grilles.

Customizing Your Emblems

Another great thing about grille emblems is how easy it is to customize them. You can literally create any design you want.

For example, you can incorporate any logo into the design. Or you can go for something with a personal touch, like a family crest. Personalized emblems give you the opportunity to add some extra detail to your Tundra that is uniquely you.

Whether you want to make a statement with your emblem or add some style, Royalty Core can help with that.

Royalty Core Emblems Are As High Quality As They Come

At Royalty Core, we build high quality custom metal emblems. Our emblems look amazing and last a long time because:

  • We have a talented and dedicated design team that will work closely with you to design the emblem of your dreams.
  • We build all our emblems with corrosion-resistant T304 stainless steel.
  • All our emblems are precisely CNC cut.

Need Some Emblem Design Ideas For Your Toyota Tundra?

When you order a Toyota Tundra grille emblem from Royalty Core, you have two options:

  1. Order an existing emblem design we have in our catalog
  2. Work with our design team to come up with a brand new design just for your truck

Either way, you may be looking for some existing designs or inspiration for your custom design. We've got you covered! Here are some Tundra emblem ideas:

Punisher emblem

Blacked out emblems are quite popular these days. This Royalty Core AR15 & Punisher emblem takes it one step further with an eye-catching red background. You can add your own personal touch by:

  • Choosing another color for the background
  • Borrowing the background concept for another design
  • Getting rid of the background.

The possibilities are endless!

Broncos emblem

Are you a sports fan who's looking for an eye-catching emblem? Consider getting an emblem of your favorite sports team's logo in full color. If you want this Broncos emblem, our design team has the file ready to go!

Reaper emblem

If you ask us, airbrushed emblems look really cool. Our design team can create detailed designs, like the grim reaper in this emblem.

Monkey emblem

Our design team can do cartoon characters, too! This monkey emblem looks simple, but it has excellent shading and other eye-catching details.

Longhorn emblem

If simplicity is your thing, we can provide blank emblems with identifiable outlines. This longhorn sword emblem is a great example. You can choose any paint color, or you can choose to leave it bare.

Star emblem

Not all emblems have to be flat! You can add some dimension to your emblem by laying one design over another one and/or adding bolts to it. This custom Texas star emblem is guaranteed to turn heads on the street!

IH emblem

Who ever said that emblems have to be tucked away in one area of the grille? You can turn your grille into an entire canvas for emblems. Create an image with several emblems across your grille, like this International emblem!

Looking for more emblem ideas? Browse our catalog of the emblems we've done in the past or get in touch with our design team!