Should You Get A Funny Hitch Cover?

Hitch covers are a great addition to a truck. If you're entertaining the idea of getting a funny hitch cover, you came to the right place. If you ask us, a funny hitch cover is absolutely worth the investment!

Why It's A Good Idea To Have A Hitch Cover On Your Truck

Hitch covers

Some people think that hitch covers are a waste of money because they're just cosmetic parts. That's actually not true. Hitch covers are just as functional as they are cosmetic.

Tow hitch receivers are open to some harsh elements, including:

  • Water
  • Mud
  • Dirt
  • Road Salt
  • Small animals

These elements can corrode a tow hitch receiver and shorten its life. A hitch cover covers the receiver. It will protect the receiver from the elements. Not to mention, hitch covers can add a lot of personality to your truck too!

The Quality Of Your Hitch Cover Matters A Lot

Quality hitch cover

A good quality hitch cover makes all the difference. Compared to a low quality hitch cover, a high quality hitch cover:

  • Stays on longer
  • Withstands harsher weather and other elements
  • Looks good for a longer time

Low quality hitch covers don't last long. It's only a matter of time before any of the following things happen:

  • They fall off
  • They break off
  • They rust out

It's because low quality hitch covers can't always withstand the elements. They're built with inferior quality materials that will either break or corrode over time.

To make your investment worth every penny, buy a Royalty Core hitch cover. Royalty Core is a leading brand for hitch covers. It's because:

  • All Royalty Core hitch covers are built with high quality 12-gauge steel that's durable and resistant to corrosion.
  • You won't find any plastic in any of the Royalty Core hitch covers. They're all made with steel that won't crack, fade, or bend.
  • At Royalty Core, we employ skilled certified welders that give our hitch covers extraordinary build quality.
  • All Royalty Core hitch covers come with a lifetime structural integrity warranty.

We have a large inventory of emblem designs that can be used on hitch covers. Do you have a specific funny hitch cover design in mind (or do you need ideas)? Our design team can work with you to develop the perfect funny design for your hitch cover. Our designers can design pretty much anything, including:

Funny Hitch Cover Design Ideas

Check out these awesome funny hitch covers:

No prob hitch cover


Eye test hitch cover


Flux hitch cover


Hand hitch cover


Hitch cover toys


Are you ready to design your funny hitch cover, or do you need help coming up with the perfect design? Contact us today!