5 Exterior Truck Upgrades For Under $200

Upgrading your truck’s exterior can be quite expensive. “Can be” is the operative term here. It is possible to make some great exterior upgrades on a budget! Whether you drive an old basic pickup or a brand new truck loaded with all the bells and whistles, this list is for you. These budget-friendly upgrades under $200 will make a big difference:

1. Emblems

Custom emblems

Emblems are the perfect way to showcase your personality on your truck. You can also use one to promote a business or your personal beliefs. When it comes to emblems, the possibilities are truly endless. You can get an emblem that matches your truck's body paint or trim, or you can get one that stands out with bold colors. The design is completely up to you. Here are a few ideas:

  • Your favorite pop culture character or icon (like Batman)
  • A business logo
  • A flag
  • Your favorite animal
  • A slogan

To get your money's worth, make sure that your emblem is really custom. This guide will help you identify a truly custom emblem apart from a "fake" custom emblem. At Royalty Core, we offer truly custom emblems. Our design team will develop a design with you and then we'll build your emblem from scratch.

2. Hitch Covers

Custom hitch covers

If your truck has a tow hitch, get a hitch cover! It's a functional and cosmetic part that brings several benefits:

  • A hitch cover protects the inside of your hitch from moisture, dirt, and pests.
  • A hitch cover adds personality to your truck.

Like emblems, hitch covers can be custom designed any way you want. There are tons of ideas out there. Our design team can help you come up with the perfect hitch cover for your truck. Learn more about our custom hitch cover services here!

3. Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps

If your truck doesn't have mud flaps, get a set. If your truck already has mud flaps, upgrade to a better set! You can get a set of stylish mud flaps that will transform your truck's appearance. Or you can opt for plain mud flaps. Either way, mud flaps will protect your investment.

When you drive, your tires kick up a lot of dirt, rocks, sand, mud, and other debris. Without mud flaps, the debris will hit your truck's exterior, frame, and inner body panels. The debris can damage your truck's paint or protective coatings, leading to rust. Mud flaps provide a barrier between the tires, your truck's sides, and other vehicles. With mud flaps in place, the debris will only hit the fender wells or bounce to the ground.

4. Side Steps

Side steps

If you or your passengers need help entering and exiting your truck, a set of side steps will make a world of difference. Mount side steps to the rocker panel or frame, and you're good to go. A good quality running board typically costs more than $200. Yet, individual side steps are much more affordable. You can get one for $50-$100. You'll even stay within your $200 budget if you install one side step on each side of your truck.

5. LED Fog Lights

Fog lights

Believe it or not, but LED fog lights are pretty affordable. You can get a quality set for under $200. A good set of LED fog lights is a massive upgrade from stock fog lights because:

  • LED bulbs are brighter than halogen bulbs, which helps you see better in poor conditions.
  • LED bulbs last longer.
  • LED fog lights look sleeker and more modern than stock fog lights.