What Does Custom Really Mean for Most Truck Accessories?

When it comes to marketing, many businesses take advantage of the opportunity to drum up their products or services with buzzwords that don’t really mean anything. In the auto parts and accessories market, this word is "custom."

In the manufacturing world, a truly custom item is made from scratch to the customer’s specifications. It doesn’t apply to items that are mass-produced and then altered to suit the customer's preferences. While some manufacturers (like Royalty Core) are absolutely building custom products, many are simply calling their standard options "custom" features.


At Royalty Core, we build our custom grilles from scratch.

In order to get a good deal, it's important to know when a custom truck accessory isn't actually custom. Why pay for "custom" when you're not getting it?

Is That Custom Accessory Really Custom?

Wondering if a product is really custom? Here are some things that should be a red flag.

  • Fast turnaround time: Royalty Core custom truck grilles require several weeks to be designed, approved, built, and finished. While it's certainly possible to build a custom product quickly, any company that can turnaround a "custom" order in 1 or 2 days needs to be reviewed carefully.
  • Mass production pricing: Custom products are typically quite a bit more expensive than cheap, mass-produced products. If there's a 'custom' product that costs $20 more than a mass produced version of the same product, prepare to be underwhelmed.
  • A mediocre warranty. When you custom build a product, you know how long it's going to last. If a company offers a custom product with a mediocre warranty, either a) they don't have much confidence in their product or b) it's not completely custom.

Benefits of Truly Custom-Built Truck Accessories


There’s nothing ordinary about this custom-built Royalty Core grille.

Custom-built truck accessories – if done right – look great on your truck and come with many different benefits:

  • Unique design: There will be no other design like the one created by you and the design team. You have a say in the entire design process, which is something many people can’t say about any of the truck accessories they own.
  • Exact fitment: Any accessory custom built to fit your truck perfectly will definitely enhance its appearance and sometimes performance, depending on the accessory.
  • Quality: Unlike mass-produced truck accessories, custom-built ones receive a lot of attention and care during the design and building process, and it really shows in the end.
Black Widow

Check out the attention to detail on this custom Royalty Core grille. We spent a lot of time on this one, and the end result was worth it!

At Royalty Core, we offer completely custom grilles, meaning we’ll design and build a grille just for your truck and bring your vision to reality. We keep you involved every step of the way, from taking all of your needs and ideas into account to sending you pictures of the design for approval. If you get stuck during the brainstorming process, you can choose from our many different designs, emblems, mesh sizes, colors, finishes, and accent studs to enhance your unique design even more.

To see some of the custom grilles we’ve done in the past, take a look at our portfolio.