How To Remove The Grille From A 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty

We love working on the Ford Super Duty (obviously). And removing a grille from a Ford Super Duty is really pretty easy, too. Follow these simple instructions to get it done quickly.

Grille removal

Image Credit: Auto Pilot MT

Remove The Plastic Valance Panel
The panel goes from the top of the grill to the radiator support. It is held in place with several two-piece plastic pushpins. (Plastic can be vulnerable in very cold temperatures, so be careful.) To remove the push pins, pry up the center portion about 1/2 inch. That releases the bottom portion of the pushpin, which makes them easy to lift out.

Notice that the left rear corner of the valance panel tucks under an air intake mount. You have to slide the panel forward to remove it, and you need to remember to tuck it back under the mount when you reinstall it.

Remove Eight 10mm Bolts
The bolts hold the top edge of the grille to the grille support. Removing them is easy. The nuts are mounted to spring clips that clip onto the grille support. The spring clips are not very snug and are easy to lose.

Tilt The Grille Forward A Couple Of Inches
Pull the top left and right corners of the grill forward, so you can get your arm between the grille and the grille support.

Release The Lower Metal Mounting Clips
Look down between the grille and the grille support. You will see four V-shaped notches. There are four metal mounting clips that insert into slots immediately under the V notches. Insert a screwdriver in each V notch and push down on the top of the clip to release it.

Unplug The Forward Camera Harness And Washer Fluid Tube

Washer camera lines

Image Credit: Auto Pilot MT

Some trucks have an optional forward camera and headlight washers. If you have these, slide the grille forward a few inches and release the connectors.

Remove The Grille 
Slide the grille forward and lift it off. There are several smaller mounting clips on the backside of the grill. Check to make sure they are all there. Sometimes they fall off or stay in the grill support.

To see how it's done, check out this video: