Headache Rack Features - What You Need To Know

When shopping for a headache rack, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the features available. Here, you’ll find a rundown of all the common features on a headache rack to help you decide which features you want.

1. Load Stop Knobs

On some headache racks, you'll find two short sturdy posts at each side of the top crossbar. Those are load stop knobs. They’re there to prevent any load being tied to the top of a headache rack (such as a kayak or ladder) from sliding off the side.

headache rack load knob stops

If you carry long items like lumber, ladders, kayaks, canoes, etc., then you'll really like a pair of load stop knobs on your headache rack.

Some truck owners prefer the look of a rack without the load stop knobs, but these knobs greatly increase the functionality of your rack. For the small cost of $29 load stop knob option, they are a great investment even if they are only used occasionally, and we think they look good too!

2. Extra Height

extra height on headache rack

When looking for a headache rack, you can choose between a flush height rack or a rack that’s raised 2 inches over the cab.

Similar to load stop knobs, the difference is a cosmetic vs. versatility choice. Cab height racks are a cleaner look, and they keep the rack out of the airstream while driving. But at 2” above cab height, the rack is more versatile in what can be carried on top of it, and better protects the roof of the truck. The extra height helps prevent damage to the cab roof.

3. Integrated Taillights

headache rack with integrated taillights

Some headache racks (such as our RC88T series) come with integrated taillights. This boosts your truck’s safety, as these lights increase visibility at night and while braking. However, is it worth it for you? It depends on whether:

  • Increase the visibility of your truck, day or night
  • Improve brake light and backup light visibility when towing a trailer
  • Provide additional cargo area lighting at night

More about taillights, including LED lights, in this blog post from Royalty Core.

4. Removable Center

headache rack with removable center

Very few racks offer this flexibility. Royalty Core RC88 and RC88T racks have a center section that aligns with the rear sliding window. If you use your window for pass-through from the cab, this section can be removed. While it’s removed, the center window is unprotected but this is acceptable to some customers who want the flexibility of pass-through from the cab. This removable center section is held in place with the same stainless steel bolts that are used in Royalty Core Grilles for nice detail tie-in to your grille.

5. Space For A Toolbox

headache rack with toolbox

The mounting feet on Royalty Core headache racks are long enough to allow for your toolbox to mount on top of the feet. And the mounting width of the feet has some flexibility, allowing for some variation in toolbox width.

To learn more about high-quality Royalty Core headache racks and the features they offer, check out our catalog.