Is A Headache Rack Worth The Cost?

A lot of pickup truck owners wonder if headache racks are an exterior accessory worth buying. The answer varies among truck owners and it depends on several factors that we discuss here. 

Headache rack for FX4

1. Do You Haul A Payload Often?

How often do you haul payload? If it’s more than once every two weeks, then we highly recommend installing a headache rack on your truck. The more often you haul payload, the more likely something in your truck bed will lurch forward through the rear window if you hit the brakes too hard. With traffic these days, it's just a matter of time before you have to slam on the brakes. You can end up damaging the cab, breaking the rear window, and possibly injuring your passengers. A headache rack gives you the peace of mind that your truck cab is completely safe from the cargo you’re hauling in your truck bed. Additionally, they prevent accidental impact on the back window when working in the truck bed or when loading and unloading cargo.

2. Are You Concerned About Break-Ins?

Headache rack on white truck

Are break-ins common where you live or work? Do you keep your truck outside overnight? Is the bed easy for a random stranger to climb into? Do you keep valuable stuff inside your truck cab? If you’re concerned about break-ins, then a headache rack is worth every cent. It prevents someone from breaking into your truck via the rear cab window. And, you can leave the rear window open on hot days without fear.

3. Do You Value Additional Brake And Clearance Lighting?

If you’re concerned about other drivers not seeing your truck that well at night, then you’d benefit from a headache rack. Many headache racks (like those in our RC88T series) come with built-in brake and clearance lights.

A Headache Rack Saves You Money In The Long Run

A headache rack prevents several major issues:

  • Body damage from a payload breaking the back window and/or damaging the rear of the truck cab
  • Break-ins through the rear cab window
  • Other drivers running into your truck as a result of poor visibility

The damage from every single one of these events is expensive to repair. In fact, repairs for these things cost much more than a new headache rack (even high-quality ones like those in our RC88T line).

Would You Buy a Headache Rack If It Were Half Off?

Headache rack with lights

A headache rack at half price would be a pretty easy decision, wouldn't it? When you are ready for a new truck, take the rack off your old truck and sell it. You can get about half what you paid for it. High-quality headache racks retain their value. Thinking about the resale value makes a headache rack a no-brainer.

Also, Royalty Core headache racks have a high-quality finish. When you're ready to trade in your old truck, our rack will still be looking good enough to put on your new truck.

If you ask us, a headache rack is absolutely a truck accessory worth buying for most truck owners (a few more worthwhile ones described here, too). If you have any questions about owning a headache rack, please contact us. We look forward to chatting with you!