3 Important Safety Benefits Of A Headache Rack

Truck owners often install headache racks on their trucks to:

  • Protect the cab and passengers
  • Support ladders or long cargo
  • Block sun rays from heating up the cabs
  • Customize the look of their trucks

Of course, headache racks also provide several additional safety benefits.

What Is A Headache Rack?

black headache rack example

A headache rack is a vertical rack attached to the truck bed just behind the rear cab window. Headache racks are made of various materials, the most common ones being steel and aluminum alloy. While looking at headache racks, you might notice that they vary widely in quality. Some cheap ones (more about cost here) don’t provide much protection, most provide some protection, and a few provide maximum protection. If you’re looking for a very solid headache rack made from military-grade materials, check out Royalty Core’s line of custom headache racks.

Some of you might be wondering why they’re called headache racks. It's because they help prevent headaches, or worse. Do you carry heavy equipment or cargo that sits higher than the bedsides? You risk launching these things through the rear window at your head if you come to a hard stop or rear-end someone.

Read on to learn the 3 main safety benefits a headache rack offers:

1. Protection From Cargo In The Bed

headache rack features and safety

This is the main reason people install headache racks. They protect you and your passengers from the equipment and materials in the bed of the truck. Any payload in the bed can come loose during a hard stop or minor traffic collision and crash through the rear window. Headache racks also protect the truck cab and rear window from accidental abuse when loading cargo or working with equipment inside the truck bed.

2. Additional Brake Lighting

Some headache racks come with brake lights and running lights built-in. These are a good idea, as many headache racks block the third brake light on the back of the cab, but higher quality racks do not. An extra set of high-mounted lights helps increase your truck’s visibility.

3. Protection From Break-Ins Through The Back Window

Even people who don’t haul stuff around still like headache racks because they help prevent break-ins. Thieves attempt to break in through the rear slider window of a truck because that window is often left unlocked. With a headache rack in front of the window, there’s no chance anyone is able to crawl through it.

All these benefits add up to saving some money. Headache racks help prevent theft and damage to your truck. If you’re interested in installing a sturdy headache rack on your truck, check out Royalty Core’s line of custom headache racks. Please contact us if you have any questions.