Looking For A Custom Truck Grille For Your Dodge/Ram 2500/3500/4500?

A quality custom grille can give your RAM truck a unique look, provide superior protection for your radiator and after-coolers, and increase airflow to these critical components for better performance. There are some grilles though that can make your truck look vanilla. They're inexpensive, but they don't upgrade your RAM. You may end up disappointed with the way they look soon after install, especially after they've been exposed to the elements. When you upgrade your grille, choose one made by hand in the US - with the highest quality materials - for a unique, durable, and high-performance appearance that will last.

ram custom truck grille

At Royalty Core, we offer custom truck grilles for RAM and Dodge trucks going all the way back to 1994 – that’s right, we even have grille designs for your Gen II 12 valve Cummins. We pride ourselves on building top-quality truck grilles that both look custom and offer more protection & performance than the OEM grilles they replace.

If that sounds good, read on.

What Goes Into A Royalty Core Custom Grille?

As an industry leader, Royalty Core's custom grilles are frequently found on show trucks, high-end custom builds, and high profile vehicles. Over 50 SEMA builds chose Royalty Core in 2017! Our grilles are also found on work trucks, as they offer the highest level of protection from road debris and corrosion and can be used to increase brand awareness via a custom emblem.

All our grilles:

  • Are made from T304 stainless steel (available in flat black, glossy black, or polished finish)
  • Fit perfectly because they're CNC machined, hand fabricated, and then test fitted
  • Have twice as many attachment points as most other grilles
  • Are available in dozens of potential custom configurations, ensuring each order is unique
  • Are backed by a lifetime warranty

Few of our competitors build their grilles with every component made from corrosion-resistant T304 stainless steel. T304 stainless is expensive, and it’s not easy to work with. But we know it’s worth it. Our grilles look great for years and will never, ever rust.

As far as customization goes, we have lots of options:

  • We offer our grille mesh in three sizes and different finishes
  • Our grille frames are available in different finishes, with or without stainless studs
  • The stainless studs on our grilles are available in 4 finishes
  • We offer unique grille accents that are either integrated into the grille design or added as an emblem to the front of the grille
  • If you want more light, we have many designs with integrated LED light bars

And, every week, we have a customer ask ‘Can you make one like this….’ We say 'yes' as often as possible!

Dodge And RAM Truck Grille Options

At Royalty Core, we offer many different types of grilles for the Dodge/RAM 1500 and 2500-4500 models dating back to 1994. Each grille has been rigorously tested on Dodge/RAM trucks in all weather and road conditions to ensure maximum reliability, durability, and performance.

1. RC1 And RC1X Grilles

The RC1 Classic grille is the perfect grille for Dodge/RAM owners looking for a classic or wire mesh grille look. The RC1X is basically the same grille with a 20" LED light bar included. If you’re looking for a simple, clean, blacked-out grille, with a bold mesh size, this is for you.

rc1 custom grille

Available for all 2500/3500/4500 models from 1994 - present.

2. RCR And RCRX Race Line Grilles

The RCR Race Line grille has a simple and clean design, with fewer studs than the RC1, that will give your Dodge/RAM a clean look with our smallest mesh, the 12.0. The RCRX adds a 23" LED light bar mounted on the top or bottom of the RCR design.

rcr custom grille

Available for all 2500/3500/4500 models from 1994 - present

3. RC2 And RC2X Twin Mesh Grilles

If you’re looking to mount a custom emblem, the Twin Mesh design and corner accents of the RC2 Twin Mesh grille create the best canvas for mounting! The RC2X takes the classic Royalty Core look and adds a raised Royalty Core badge in the middle and a pair of 10” VisionX LED light bars on the sides of the badge.

rc2 custom grille

Available for all 2500/3500/4500 models from 1994 - present

4. RC3DX Innovative Grille

True to its name, the RC3DX Innovative grille is as innovative as they come. The RC3DX takes your Dodge/RAM to the next level by offering a 3D experience with graphic elements raised an inch off the frame, which looks great with the Royalty Core axe and sword assembly emblem!

rc3dx custom grille

Available for all 2500/3500/4500 models from 1994 - present

5. RC4 Layered Grille

Packed with style, the RC4 layered grille offers dimension, color, and detail with its layered design. The standard option features no studs, giving this grille a smooth look many Dodge/RAM owners appreciate.

rc4 custom grille

Available for all 2500/3500/4500 models from 1994 - present

6. RC5 And RC5X Quadrant Grilles

Royalty Core developed the RC5 Quadrant grille to offer a more aggressive look. This grille features something not found on any other grille: a T6 billet aluminum center bar with a customizable finish. The RC5X grille, which sports the same design but with four 10" LED light bars mounted in the center, is a bold statement and features off-the-charts levels of light.

rc5 custom grille

Available for all 2500/3500/4500 models from 1994 - present

7. RCX Explosive Dual LED Grille

The RCX Explosive Dual LED grille is one of the most unique grilles available anywhere. By mounting two 12” VisionX LED light bars nearly vertically in the grille, it creates an explosive amount of light while also leaving a very large center area for your emblem. It looks amazing with our airbrushed RAM skull mounted between the lights!

rcx custom grille

Available for all 2500/3500/4500 models from 1994 - present