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As a recognized leader in the aftermarket grille industry, Royalty Core has an extensive lineup of highly customizable grilles for Toyota trucks and SUVs. We design and produce military grade grilles for Toyota Tacomas, Tundras, Sequoias, and Land Cruisers. The following features make Royalty Core’s Toyota grilles one of the best add-ons in the market: CNC-cut components made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, hand fabrication, TIG welding, consciously designed mesh to allow for more air flow, exclusive custom flange studs, easy installation, and a lifetime warranty.

Royalty Core offers loads of customization options, including frame colors, mesh colors, stud colors, mesh sizes, emblems, and more. Select your Toyota model and year below to see which grilles you can customize for your truck or SUV. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We’ll be happy to help you select and customize the perfect grille for your Toyota truck or SUV!

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Grilles By Vehicle - Toyota Grilles - Tacoma
Many Toyota Tacoma owners consider Royalty Core their brand of choice for custom truck grilles. We’re dedicated to helping you protect your truck in the best way possible, so we use the...More Details »
Grilles By Vehicle - Toyota Grilles - Tundra
Royalty Core offers top-of-the-line aftermarket grilles for Toyota Tundra models. All of our grilles are designed, engineered, and manufactured with advanced technology to ensure precise fitment...More Details »
Grilles By Vehicle - Toyota Grilles - Sequoia
The Toyota Sequoia is for those who play harder, and a Royalty Core grille is better designed to protect your truck while off-roading. Our custom grilles will outlast a factory OEM...More Details »
Grilles By Vehicle - Toyota Grilles - Land Cruiser
Toyota designed the Landcruiser for those who love adventure. Since you want your truck to express your lifestyle, you'll want to customize the look of your Landcruiser. There's no reason to keep...More Details »