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Royalty Core - Wrangler

Jeep Grilles - Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is made to plow through underbrush and drop you off at your favorite hunting cabin or lake. It is even made for running up and down backcountry trails, and as you tackle those places, your grille must protect the integrity of your radiator and engine components.

Royalty Core grilles are made to take you to those coveted spots by providing you with a truck grille that protects your engine better than the OEM grille. Our custom grilles are made of steel wire woven mesh that not only offers maximum airflow to your engine compartment, but are built to exceed the protection of the OEM grille. This steel is made to offer superior protection for your transmission cooler, radiator and intercooler much better than the plastics that some manufacturers put in their grilles.

Our grilles are made by hand in the United States and have a lifetime warranty.

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