Grille Building Process

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  1. We take great pride in our process and steps to ensure we deliver to you a grille that is better than you expected. Our communication is great and we make sure you get what you want. To ensure you get your order fast we ship worldwide daily. We are also located in a non sales tax state!
  2. Royalty Core is pleased to offer the world’s only all stainless steel grilles for a long corrosion-free life like no other. We take control; all Royalty Core grilles are machined, fabricated, and built in the USA right here in our facility.
  3. Auto Cad and Solid Works 3D modeling blue prints are designed with precision measurements.
  4. Templates are printed, cut, molded, and tweaks are done to get an exact, tight, & solid fit with every grille we offer.
  5. Each Royalty Core grille is engineered for the specific make and model truck.
  6. We send each customer pictures of their exact grille before shipping to ensure you are more than happy with what you ordered. In person you will see that our grilles are the highest level of quality in the world-Guaranteed Top of The Line!
  7. Every grille pattern is first CNC machined for ultimate accuracy and fitment.
  8. The main grille frame is formed to match OEM factory rolls and bends.
  9. Each mounting bracket is machined, connected, and welded for exact fitment. We install many brackets on each of our grilles for a tight long lasting fit. Our grilles are built to outlast the rest and to protect your truck. Each Royalty Core grille has 3-4 times more mounting points then other grilles and a much tighter fit. Our grilles help protect your radiator & intercoolers against expensive damage.
  10. Our stainless steel wire woven lock-crimp mesh is strong and difficult to cut. We use 3 axis machines to cut the pattern to fit the main grille frame design with diamond shapes flowing from one end to the other in a straight and symmetrical pattern.
  11. After our mesh is cut, it's formed to match OEM rolls and bends, detail cut again, edges are ground, and pre-mocked to the main grille frame for fitment. All the edges around the mesh are welded to make the construction extra heavy duty and rigid.
  12. Spacers are machined to mount the mesh from the backside where the mesh stays a separate unit for providing diverse options for colors. Each grille frame and mesh we build can come in separate colors. For example, the mesh can be flat black and the grille frame can be gloss black which is our most popular.
  13. Our RC2CG and RC3DX grille both offer an accent mesh in 4 places to display two mesh sizes.
  14. Our Royalty Core logo or your custom emblem is machined, studded, backed, and centered into place. Each stud is custom tailored in between the mesh.
  15. Every element is pre-fit together, disassembled, bead blasted, final inspected, edges detailed, and coated in-house with bold flat black, satin black, or gloss jet-black paint. Most of our grilles have a mixture of plating’s and coatings to display together. We have a full mixing bank in-house and can make any color. We also do all powdercoating in house.
  16. After our grilles are coated we machine polish all our gloss colors to a show-like smooth mirrored finish. You will not find dull mudding colors or a bumpy unattractive finish common with other products. Our powdercoat is a robust finish so you can count on a long durable life especially over T304 stainless.
  17. Royalty Core grilles with studs around the outside of the grille frame offer a custom look. Our studs are one-of-a-kind and stainless steel. They come standard in black or chrome but can be ordered in a custom color. 
  18. Each grille is assembled, fitted, tested, and quality controlled 3 separate times along the process before we mark it complete. Royalty Core grilles fit very cleanly.
  19. Our grilles are packaged with ultimate care and full insurance. It’s important to us that you receive your grille without any problems. You deserve to get what you want, on time, and safely.
  20. We do everything we possibly can to save you time for when you are putting it on your vehicle. We make sure you will install your new grille with ease. We provide you with pictured instructions and mounting hardware. Average time to install is about 1 hour.
  21. Send us pictures, lots of them, videos of your truck, and your testimonial is always priceless to us. Send us a friend and we will take good care of them too. Enjoy your new Royalty Core grille.